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  1. I realize it might not be exactly what you're looking for, Lash, but have you considered drawing it using isometric grids? Here are some excellent videos on this: • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 1 (Single Planes) • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 2 (Multiple Planes) • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 3 (Layers and Compounds)
  2. Unfortunately, my main 3D experience is with the Cinema 4D software (which is a little on the expensive side), but I'm sure most 3D modeling software works in basically the same way. You could basically draw your plan out in Affinity Designer, bring it into your 3D app, and extrude it upwards. If you want to send me the plan (or post it here), I'll try to give it a go for you, and perhaps make a video of the process. Here are some prototypes that I drew out in AD for a friend and rendered/printed in C4D:
  3. If you want to dip your toe into the exciting world of 3d modeling, here are some links to some good free apps: Blender Sketchup Wings 3d Here's a list of other 3d software (including free). List of 3D modeling software
  4. The first studio I ever worked in used Freehand, and I loved it. I was very disappointed to find that I would later need to use Illustrator. I never felt comfortable with Illustrator's drawing tools - Freehand's just seemed to have a much better 'feel'. Although AD is clearly its own beast, it does sometimes remind me of Freehand - and that's no bad thing. P.S. Distort Tool Pleeeeeaaase.
  5. I really like this Freid. This wouldn't look out of place in the upcoming IRON MARINES game.
  6. If you mean in the sense of Cinema 4D, Maya, 3D Max etc. then, no. However, it is possible to use vector paths created in AD as splines in other 3D apps. I recently worked on a project where we created plans for a prototype in AD. We then exported into C4D; and used the splines as a basis for lathes and extrusions. We then sliced the file and sent it to a 3D printer. It all worked rather well.
  7. I enjoy using AD more than I can say, but recently the lack of any distort tools has meant that I have been returning to Adobe Illustrator more and more. I don't want to do this, but I have no option. I really think that the lack of this functionality is one of the main things which is holding AD back when compared to other professional vector apps. The ability to move selection handles independently is fundamental when trying to create perspective (and many other things). I have been surprised that purely cosmetic aspects (interface) have been prioritized over the development of this fundamental area. P.S. I'm going to have a tooth extracted today, so I may be being more negative than normal ;)
  8. Great work. Very organic.
  9. Fantastic work Stephen :)
  10. Have you checked out this site Robert? They have some impressive clients, so I'm guessing the quality will be pretty high. They also allow you to download high res (watermarked) comps, so you could just trace your own copy in AD and it won't cost you a penny.
  11. I just hope we don't have to wait until AD v2 before getting the Distort Tool.
  12. Fantastic work. Great style. Is it intended fro a game or an app?
  13. Fair point My1. I'm sure the upgrade price for v2 will be worth every penny.
  14. C'mon guys, let's get things in perspective here. A copy of Maxon's 3D software (Cinema 4D) will cost you £3,150.00 (ex tax). A new Mac is going to cost you £1,500 - £2,000. Affinity Designer £50 Serif are virtually giving this software away. If it was any cheaper, they'd have to pay YOU. Just buy it. As a designer or photographer, it'll probably be the best investment you ever make. I promise you, you won't regret it. It's also worth remembering that by paying the full price for the software, you will be contributing to its future development.
  15. Quite right Alfred. My apologies. If mods want to delete thread or rename (maybe: Please please please Distort Tool) That's cool with me ;)