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Halo between selections in different layers

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I'm a beginner, making progress but slowly. I'm getting better at making selections, masks and layers but keep having the following problem.

I'm working on a photo that was taken in terrible lighting conditions. Seascape, sea, islands far out and sky. I have made separate selections for the sky, the sea and all the land (foreground and islands). There are in separate layers with corresponding adjustments and each, separately, looks fine. However, when I view all together, there are "halos" between the sky and sea and sky and land. Is there a way that I can either avoid it in the first place or fix it now? I have looked through the book and tried many things but simply can't find anything that works.

Best regards to all,


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Halos are caused by different handling.
Such as :
- excessive sharpening, clarity adjustment
- chromatic aberration
- brushes spillover (adjustments affecting wrong areas)

In most cases, on a flattened image, to remove white halos, there's a quick way to fix it :
- add a new pixel layer on top
- change the blend mode to darken colour
- select the clone brush and on the toolbar set Source to "Current Layer & Below"
- hold the Alt key and click on the area you wish to begin sampling from
- drag over the halo to paint the sample

Affinity Photo 

Windows 10 Home  1903 (build 18362.175) - 64 bit processor - AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon HD Graphics  1.50GHz - RAM 8,00 GB
Calibrated Monitor (Datacolor Spyder5 Pro)


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