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Rotated cog shape doesn't fit to Isometric plane properly

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WIndows 10 Home (1803), Designer

A cog shape, when rotated doesn't seem to be rotated/skewed/sheared (or whatever) properly when fitted to an Isometric plane.
See attached image where the top-left example is a non-rotated cog over a same sized square and the bottom-left example is a rotated cog over a same sized square. The examples on the right are the examples on the left after fitting to a Top Isometric plane.
Notice that the bottom-right cog is the wrong shape.

I think you can guess what the exact workflow to reproduce is but I have attached the afdesign file.
Try duplicating the two left-hand-bottom shapes and placing them on the Top Isometric plane.
If you have both shapes selected together they are placed correctly, but if you try and place them separately the cog comes out wrong; the attached GIF also shows the problem.

rotated cog on isometric plane.PNG

rotated cog on isometric plane.gif

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