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Multiple crashes when using "Find"

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1: I have a fairly complex document, 36 pages, mixture of text and  images

2: When I used the Microsoft "Print to PDF" (there is no pdf option when printing to booklet in the Windows version), I found there were quite a few errors. In particular one word, used often in the document, had been italicised in the original, but the italics did not survive when printed to the pdf file.

3: The format printed was Layout, A3 Booklet (the original pages were A4). This produced the right page pairs in the right sequence,  assuming that each page would be printed 2 sided, sheet by sheet. However printers often like to do all the "outer" pages first, then flip the whole stack, and print the "inners". To achieve this  the pdf file was brought back into Publisher so the pages could be put into the right order.

4: At this point I used the find function to locate all the instances of where the italicisation had been lost. This could be done fairly quickly, but Publisher was crashing frequently during this process. - possibly every 5 changes made. 

(As an aside, I find Publisher frequently crashes if I zoom too fast using the mouse wheel)

My computer is a Dell M3800 with Windows 10: Publisher

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There have been a lot of issues reported with the find and especially replace all. Are you crash occurring on the find or on actually trying to replace? Would you be able to provide the PDF you are using so I can try and replicate this?


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I can try- it is 85 MB. (Do not worry about copyright - I have published this freely on the internet anyway. I am not trying to make money out of these Logs)

Try to find the word Teal, and italicise it

I have uploaded the apub file where I was able to reproduce the fault. When I went through the pdf, the fualt did not reappear..If you want it I can upload the pdf tooo


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