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  1. The help doesn't And if you follow the line from the Affinity page->learn, then it takes you to advanced tutorials, not basic things like how to set upo a document and the templates, and the text styles. It is actually a shambles. Which is a pity
  2. Thanks both. There is an awful lot in this new Publisher and the tutorials are missing or dreadful
  3. Show margins. Then use View->Guides Manager (NB I made an error in prev post. Guides fit margins, not text box. I set text box to fit margind too)
  4. I used to set up a very useful guides grid in a text box on a master page in AfPub. It seems to have disappeared. Where is it now? (I have managed a very clumsy workaround using columns to position the vertical guides, and lots of arithmetic tp position the horizontal guides. They look messy on the page as they extend beyond the text boxex. NB columns set back to 1 after guides positioned)
  5. There is not a lot to be gained by continuing to sling mud at Affinity. I guess (and hope) that behind the scenes they are leaning very hard on their contactors to sort this out,
  6. The thread I started on the payment problems with Affinity 2 products has been closed, and that is the right decision, I am lucky in that I eventually found a payment method that worked. But that does not help a lot of people. Having followed this thread I have concluded that 1: The banks have had to tighten up on security 2: Affinity/ Serif have done all within their powers to resolve the difficulties. 3: There have been problems with Serif/Affinity contractors that they are still trying to resolve 4: Serif/Affinity have practical and legal difficulties in disclosing the problems they are experiencing with those contractors 5: Despite assurances from others, Serif/Affinity have not realised the reputational damage that they may/will suffer as a result of failing to look after a small, but significant, number of clients or potential clients who have experienced serious stress, 6: Too many people are passing the buck, but Affinity is not the bigest problem. Sad though it may be, we all need to calm down and allow Serif/Affinity some room to address the individual problems and lean hard, very hard, on their contractors to sort out this mess. I have known this company for 20 years. They do care, they do look after their customers, and I am sure that, in the end, they will do so this time. Without being able to prove it, I believe they have been badly let down by others, and i hope and trust they will be able to negotiate their way out of this mess. The argiument that the number of failed transactions is normal will not wash. Serif will, I am sure, take this seriously and endeavour to make sure that everyone who wants their V2 range can have it at a very competitive price. I congratulate the forum mediators who have been slammed by this problem over the weekend for dealing with the issues with a degree of patience. However, I think Serif/Affinity should think a little harder about what this problem looks like from a customer point of view, The situation has not looked good, and I just hope it improves.
  7. I finally gave in and paid via PayPal, which worked. But my concern for others who have not succeeded remains, and the install process (having downloaded the desktop apps) is far from clear, even then
  8. I have managed to get payment accepted by using PayPal. All the desktop apps are downloaded on my windows desktop machine. For the ipad versions it says against each "To download, scan the QR code or visit the App Store.". How do I scan the QRcode? Is it by using my ipad camera pointed at the desktop screen? Or what? If I go to the appstore, how do I prove I hold a valid V2 licence? Do I need to have installed one of the desktop apps and activated the licence before I visit the appstore? I am so old I have never used QR codes before. Your instructions need to be more detailed and considerate to amateur users.
  9. The problem is that we know there is a problem that you cannot address directly, but who is doing what about it? Please get someone to make some kind of statement
  10. I have been able to establish that since March this year, companies have been required to have second level authorisation on on-line transactions. This is not happening, and that is why the payments are being declined. This has to be put right by Serif/Affinity and/or its payment transaction company.
  11. What seems to be emerging is that the problem does not lie with Affinity, and it does not lie (wholly) with the many banks involved. It MUST therefore lie with Affinity's payment contractor.Braintree. I hope I have successfully contacted Serif (the owner of Affinity) and that the issue will be taken up with the senior management, the marketing and accounts departments on Monday. Affinity is a great product,and the CEO, Ash, appears to be a good leader. I hope he is tough enough to probe this issue and resolve it before it damages the Affinity brand
  12. To all moderators: This situation is developing into a reputational nightmare for Affinity. Please give us all an undertaking that this thread will be referred to Affinity management at the highest possible level on Monday, and with the accounts and marketing department.s
  13. I have contacted the team as suggested, and reached the point where they say there is nothing more they can do. Not good enough Have you checked with Braintree. That seems to be where the snag lies
  14. Sorry but I| have had expensive experiences with PayPal in the past. The issues some of us are experiencing simply should not happen.Affinity need to fix it, very soon
  15. As a long time Serif customer (2001 approx) I am saddened to see the extent of this problem. I hope that on Monday Ash will get involved and "kick ass". I do not know whether the problem lies within Affinity or within its card processing company Braintree. It cannot be true that the problem lies with all the banks involved. Ash, you have created a great comapny that has been agile enough to live alongside Photoshop. You need to be agoie again to get this issue fixed.
  16. While I have a lot of sympathy for the Support team, please understand that we have to post our issues here in case we later have to make a cliam against Affinity.
  17. THankyou for deleting the attachment. Silly of me!
  18. I have tried to purchase the V2 universal licence, had diffculty and contacted support. Followed their advice, and still no solution. I have tried 3 different cards, 3 browsers, windows and IOS computers, 2 banks and my payment is being rejected. These cards and payment systems regularly work without problems on other transactions. Support have said there is no more they can do. My bank has said the payment is being rejected by the retailer. Your help says payments are processed by Braintree. There are 2 issues 1: I hope that any delay in resolving this issue will not negate my introductory discount 2: Can you please contact Braintree to find out where the problem lies? I have been a Serif/Affinity customer since about 2001 Thankyou
  19. Will there be an easy way to transfer assets, fonts, brushes between Vi and V2?
  20. well - it is embarrasing! Had I been able to delete the post, I would have done Fundamentally,Nik collection needs to be applied to a pixel layer. Also, I found some difficulty in dealing with afphoto files. My solution was to create a merge visible layer, then save as a tiff file. Then I opened the tiff file and applied filters-> plugingins ->Nik Collection and it worked Common sense really, but at the age of 80, I think I can plead impending dementia!!
  21. I recently purchased Nik Collection 5 including the PhotoLab 5 offer. I think I followed the instalation instructions, but got into a mess. So I uninstalled all Nik related items and started again. The files are installed ina directory titled Affinity Photoshop Plugins. There are 2 directories "DXO" and "Nik Collection" My computer is dell Precision 7540 running Windows 11 and the system tyoe is 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor The installation into Affinity Photo seemed quite normal. An image of the preferences->olugins panel is shown below. However, when I load an image in Affinity and look for the Nik plugins under the filters tab, all seem to be there but greyed out. Advice please. (I did enter the activation code during an early attempt to install, and I have not been asked for it since, even though I have uninstalled. The individual Nik components seem to work in standalone version) advice please
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