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latest AP beta crashing video card + occasional exception errors

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I've been trying out the latest AF beta version running on my Dell XPS420 quad core with 8 GB RAM under Win 10.  Latest Win 10 updates with latest video card drivers for the ATI Radeon HD 3870 card.  As with the stable Affinity version, I am still experiencing occasional video card crashes where the screen goes black and the only way I can get back into the system is to reboot.  I am also still getting exception errors where the note will appear and Affinity closes.  Recently switched hard drives from HDD to SSD.  Big increase of speed in all apps, including Affinity, but has not solved the issues.  I checked task manager when the exception occurred at memory/ CPU both under 50%.  Hard drive less than 5%. 

I'm finding that the issues occur over time, after I have been using AP for a while and layers have been manipulated and/or added and also as history increases.  Can happen with two files open, but sometimes with just one.  I've disabled all unnecessary apps in Win 10 including any start up programs that might have been using resources.  I've turned off most graphics options, such as fading in and out of Win 10 windows.   Another thing that keeps happening is that as Affinity is used longer, eventually when a task is tried, it either becomes nearly non-responsive or completely and have to shut down the program from the task manager.  

I've checked the folder for beta and see no crash reports generated, which I find odd especially with the video card crashes.   

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This will have to wait until I can duplicate the crashing/ exception errors perhaps later today.  It almost always happens, just a matter of time.  I don't think the blacking out of the video card/ screen is showing anything in AP though, only the exception errors, but I'll try again and see.  Will post a log/ crash report if one is presented. 

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