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Grid problems / View problems

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Just installed the new AD beta.

Now I have problems with the grid.

I tried Studio -> Isometric - and it didn't work (nothing shows and the option doesn't get checked) but than the grid on/off also didn't work anymore. Now a new document has a grid which I cannot turn off.

Actually all "Show XXX" buttons don't work anymore (except for Show Rulers). I can only unclick one at the time but nothing happens anyway.

I am running it on a Win7 SP1.

Best regards,

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Hi Chris,

Are you saying the panel doesn't show, and that the View > Studios > Isometric option isn't ticked? As I cannot reproduce that. However what I can see is that the Show Grid button on the Grid and Axis Manager dialog doesn't remain pressed, it just flashes. I'll get this passed on.

Are the other 'Show XXX' buttons the Show Grid, Show Guides, Show Bleed, Show Margins and Show Column Guides on the View Menu? If so I believe these not working is caused by the tool handles not displaying. If you create a new document and then return to your first you should be able to see them again.

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Hi Sean,

the Isometric Dialog doesn't show up and under Studio -> Isometric there is never a tick. In the Grid and Axis Manager the Show Grid button remains pressed (so the oppisite of your observation). When I open a new document Show Grid is working again. What's never working is the Isometric (neither with one nor with two documents).

Yes, that are those from the View Menu. The options are always there but I cannot check/uncheck them all at the same time. But with opening another document and going back to the old one the options are working again. Thanks.

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