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Feature Request: Apply Gradients to Gaussian Blurs

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It would be extremely cool to be able to apply a gradient to a Gaussian blur on an object. Say you have a rectangle - the Gaussian blur could go from 0 at one end to 10px (or whatever) on the other. The object would start out solid and crisp at the one end, and gradually become more blurred towards the other. Would be nice for creating more realistic shadows, etc.

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This would be a nice feature.

Adjustment layers in Affinity already come with their own mask layer, so that they can be selectively applied with ease. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to do something similar for effects.

It is possible to fake this result with current tools, but it is a bit more laborious.

You would need to use 2 or more copies, one with the blur applied and the other crisp, then cross-fade between the two with a linear transparency.

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