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    Displacement Filter Results are not Smooth

    Drat. Oh, well... I know they have their plates full with everything else. I'll just keep checking back and hoping. :) Thanks!
  2. davemac2015

    Displacement Filter Results are not Smooth

    Any further word on this? I'm running into the same issues - the Affinity displacement doesn't match the expected smoothness of the Adobe version, which is a bummer.
  3. davemac2015

    Gradient Mesh

    Thanks for posting this video - I, for one, would LOVE to see a similar feature in Designer!!!
  4. It would be very handy to be able to define a curved path and then distribute objects along the path - the objects could be centered along various snapping points, i.e. top left, top middle, top right, etc. The spacing could be equidistant from path start to path end; or, if you have more than one control point on the curve, have the option of snapping the objects to the control points. Hopefully I didn't babble too much and was able to get across what I mean
  5. It would be extremely cool to be able to apply a gradient to a Gaussian blur on an object. Say you have a rectangle - the Gaussian blur could go from 0 at one end to 10px (or whatever) on the other. The object would start out solid and crisp at the one end, and gradually become more blurred towards the other. Would be nice for creating more realistic shadows, etc.
  6. Hi! I'm not sure how powerful the chipset is on the Fire HD tablet - it might not be feasible to port it over. However, if it is feasible, who knows if it would be financially practical. I suspect (could be VERY wrong, though!) that the majority of people who would be using this app would tend to be the ones who already have an investment in Apple iOS hardware. I know I'm guilty of getting my iPad Pro solely because of the Affinity apps
  7. Going out on a limb here, but .... Serif isn't "sleeping." They're busy, working on fixing bugs, implementing new features, fixing the bugs that inevitably result from introducing new features, etc. What we see on the outside is not in any way, shape or form a reflection of what's happening behind closed doors. As a side note, you're liable to get a warmer reception to any observations or requests you might make if you couch them in more polite tones.
  8. I know I'm way behind the times in spotting and commenting on your post here, but ... WOW!!! This looks fantastic! Can't wait to try it when you're ready to unleash it on us Thank you for all of your hard work.
  9. Could you remap the Ctrl+] and Ctrl+[ keys to Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down ?
  10. Is there another? (I'm always looking for new methods of doing things )
  11. Hi! I'd love to see a Gaussian Blur tool that acted similarly to the Transparency or Gradient tools ... You could have the blur get progressively heavier as you dragged the mouse pointer towards the edge of the object. Having the ability to have a "blur gradient" could make for some awesome effects! Does anyone know of a way to duplicate this effect without the Affinity folks having to come up with a new widget tool?
  12. Ok, I'm probably going to sound like an idiot, but ... is there any way, other than importing into Photo, of applying the equivalent of a Live Filter to an object in Designer? For instance: if I had a rectangle that I wanted to go from smooth to blurred, left to right, is there a way of doing that? I was thinking of having a duplicate of the object blurred, then overlay it on the original object, then apply a transparency gradient to that ...
  13. I guess what I was looking for is an "all-in-one" tool option, instead of having to apply a gradient fill to a Gaussian Blur; however, the tips you've both mentioned are going to be very useful, thank you!
  14. Hi MEB, Thanks for the tip - I appreciate it! I'm not sure yet if this is what I'm looking for, but I can already see some ways it could be really useful
  15. I just edited my original response - hoping that this might elicit more interest
  16. This is actually a great suggestion - thanks!
  17. It would be wonderful if you could pre-define a set of document sizes that you use a lot. For instance, I frequently need to make a document of 940x788, 96dpi and would like to have the "create artboard" option checked. Love to be able to give this a name and have it appear in the dropdown option list
  18. From the sound of crickets, it looks like I'm the only one who's interested in this. Oh, well!
  19. When you're in the Liquify Persona, it would be very cool (pardon the pun) if you could keep the freezing tool within the bounds of your current selection. See attached.
  20. It would be nice (if it doesn't already exist and I've just missed it) to be able to toggle on & off the spell check feature. The squiggly red line can be really distracting when I'm trying to look at the design, especially when the word is purposely missing letters.
  21. davemac2015

    Toggle Spell Check

    *sigh* Thanks :)
  22. Currently, the only way to fill an object is to use the Gradient tool. I'd love to see the option when you click on the Fill tab - you'd see None, Swatches, Color, Gradient.
  23. davemac2015

    Add "Bitmap" as a Fill option

    What I'm looking for is a consistent means of selecting "Bitmap" as a Fill option. I'd like to see "Bitmap" as another tab, after Gradient, or as a selection on the Gradient tab itself. I'm not seeing a Bitmap option at all in Photo, at least not as a contextual option when "Fill" is chosen.
  24. It just struck me how handy it would be to be able to set a transparency or gradient vector on an object, and then go to the Transform window to specify the angle and position of the vector. Could be especially interesting when Ctrl-J'ing (new phrase :) )