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Document, image, memory, file size..management

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Thank you for the long anticipated Affinity Publisher.

Right now it is obvious that Publisher has the same base as AP and AD which is OK but editorial design software should have a different basis. Have you ever opened Adobe Indesign? Well, in Indesign, all images are linked....because..it is simply not viable to embed hundreds or thousands of images, right?

In Publisher, all images are embedded by default which makes things bad in few ways: 1. computer is getting out of memory, 2. file size is exponentially increasing, 3. program becomes more unstable the more images it contains. That is why Adobe Indesign has an option which allows you to change the quality of a preview. All images placed in Indesign have medium quality preview, because if you have thousand images of original quality preview (at least a few megabytes for each image) in a single file, would crash the program. No computer can handle that.

Right off the bat, my Publisher file size was around 200mb with around 15-20 embedded images. This is unacceptable since we are not talking about AP file that contains a single large, high quality photo. Publisher file size should be at most a couple of mbs, just like Indesign files.

So my suggestion for starters would be to place (import) all images as linked by default, or have a pop up window that asks users right away how would they like their images, as embedded or as linked. Right now resource manager doesn't allow for a batch change of embedded files to linked, which is obviously a problem if we are talking about huge number of images that requireto be changed manually one by one.


Conclusion as of this point:  Right now, Publisher feels no different than AD, except that it has pages instead of artboards.

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