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  1. When I change the transform anchor of a picture frame, there are two anchor/transform displays: One in the properties menu, the other in the Transform panel. From the start the upper left corner is highlighted in the transform panel. I'd expect that when I click some other point in the transform box, this would be highlighted (white, not only bigger). But it isn't - it just changes size and the upper left corner (in the transform panel) stays highlighted. This is irritating because it isn't clear why that is highlighted and which is the current anchor/transform position now. In the properties the point I clicked is being highlighted - but only after I close and open the panel again. It is not consistent. What I'm not sure about: The anchor position in the properties doesn't have anything to do with the anchor position in the transform panel? Is that intended?
  2. +1 Yes, please make linking default and embedding an option. I think it is also better for the file size of the layout document to not embed images. And it's easier to edit images and just update these links in the document.
  3. I thought the same about that "pages" view to the left - and I'm using a standard big screen. It's nice that you can switch the pages display to a "small list" (similar to that in Indesign), but the panel is still wider than it needs to be.
  4. When I place an image via picture frame, I see I can update it with "Replace image". I guess this is like linking a picture in Indesign? But is there an option to update all or selected linked images which have been edited/changed in another tool, like I can update links in Indesign? I tried and painted in an already linked image, saved that and looked at it in Affinity, and it wasn't updated. So I'm wondering how this is supposed to work. I also tried right click on the image in the picture frame (or it's layer) and looked for an option like "edit..." (in Photoshop, Affinity Photo or whatever). But I didn't find anything like that. Maybe I looked in the wrong places?
  5. Ah nice, thank you both! That worked for me. Since that picture frame doesn't mean "linked" image then - how can I use linked images instead of first placing them and making them linked afterwards? It's not a big problem to link them afterwards, I'd just like to know if there's another way to do it besides the placing (with or without picture frame), which looks rather obvious.
  6. Is it possible to create a shape from an outline in Affinity Designer? For example if I have a straight line with a set stroke width of 12px which isn't a "closed shape" like it's needed for certain printing techniques: is there some way to create a closed shape from a line with stroke, in this simple case 2 points (line from A to B), to have a shape without outline, with 4 points and a width of 12px? Without doing that completely manually? Edit: Ok, forget it. Found the option in the layer settings via the upper menu. At first I looked in the context menu of the layer, which didn't help much.

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