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Cad Drawing Files DWG

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Page Plus X9 always let me paste in Autcad dwg files, I tried it on Affinity Publisher. Didn't work. I've use PagePlus for many years updating all the way up to PPX9 and write educational guides etc. I must ask, have you any intentions of allowing this in the future?  Great follower of legacy programs and also love Affinity Designer and Photo. But would like to be able to insert small drawings and also transfer Page plus file over to new program. 

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Well.... DWG files always need to be cleaned and adjusted for publishing. That is why they are first opened in vector app, cleaned and saved in compatible format. So, I would open them in AD first.... Wait! AD cannot open them either!  ...therefore DWG compatibility should be added to AD, (preferably sooner than later). And.. if it is added to AD, why not have it in Publisher too, from where you can transfer it to AD for cleaning..?

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I have to work with CAD files sometimes. Royal PITA.

Would never want to deal with CAD files directly in AP or AD if I could avoid it, but if I had no other choice I agree the more logical workflow is open them in Illustator or AD, convert it to a workable raster or vector (2D) format, and import that into the layout. Really though you should use the CAD app (or the engineer should) to create raster images / renderings to your specifications (camera angle, material quality / surface quality, resolution, profile, etc), rather than trying to build a conversion kludge inside AD or especially AP.

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