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  1. I did ask this question before, but I had sent it through to Photo topics. I'm transferring some files over from PPX9 and put the assets on the pasteboard (now Canvas). Every time I move from page to page the assets disappear from view. They are still there, but I have to keep going to view and clip canvas to turn it back on. Is there a way of setting this through presences? Using Windows 10 version. Could not find this in search topics. It is just a bit annoying and makes this work slow. Can anyone help please?
  2. I do this, but it keeps coming back on while I'm still working the document. I wanted to turn it off while working. I would like to know if I could switch it off so it would stay off while I have Drawings and other assets to load at the side while I consider layout. Thank you for answering anyway.
  3. I to am a Serif Software user since way back and have the set (photo & Designer) and they are great program. But there are still things on Affinity Publisher that are so annoying, Clip to canvas is one. I frequently put things on the paste board. The the clip turns off again and you can't see them. Am I missing something, can the be turned on permanently via preferences? If so, I can't see it. I am trying to convert some old guides I wrote on PPX9 and get so frustrated. I have looked for help but can't too much on this clip to canvas subject. Any advice please. Thank you
  4. I also, have had problems with this topic and have watch the 393660277 video several times and had difficulty in finding them in Photo after making them. Hi, I have recently followed along with your Photo template video tutorial to make a new size template. I have all three Affinity programs and using Windows 10. The templates store into a folder and show within a template folder when viewing in normal file explorer but when trying to access them directly from Affinity Photo, there is nothing showing in the folder and the dropdown doesn’t look for file extensions. I got over the imm
  5. I've just downloaded the latest updates, I was hoping that footnotes would be included in the Publisher download. Is to be in future updates? Ah well, perhaps back to PPX9 for this particular project. Shame I do like the new version. Bobcat
  6. I also expected ‘Enable spreadsheet functions’ to be included, I also have today had one cell that refuses to do anything but top align and will not budge??? Where do we actually format each cell? Can we have some more tutorial videos please?
  7. I can't seem to format cells within the table, i.e., add currency and to be able to add or multiply cells as per usual in tables. Can't find anything in help file and your video blog doesn't cover it either. I am still trying to ween off PPX10 and hoping to go onto Affinity P. Any more help out there for tables?
  8. Page Plus X9 always let me paste in Autcad dwg files, I tried it on Affinity Publisher. Didn't work. I've use PagePlus for many years updating all the way up to PPX9 and write educational guides etc. I must ask, have you any intentions of allowing this in the future? Great follower of legacy programs and also love Affinity Designer and Photo. But would like to be able to insert small drawings and also transfer Page plus file over to new program.
  9. I agree, I to have many PPP files and hours of work, I know that Affinity want to be taken seriously in the MAC market as well, but I have produced many a professional document in PPx9 or earlier versions. Now being told there is no intention of adding this file extension, well, it is Serif's own software after all, so why not. I love the legacy software and a great follower but just get the feeling we are being cast adrift. I read that PDF forms will not be included and also, at present, I cannot paste Autocad DWG. into this program, whereas, PPX9 does it straight off. Are we getting better?
  10. I have the same problem, I have so many PagePlus ppp files. I was hoping to load (or expected ‘Import’). ppp files and carry on seamlessly . Please make this available. There are other useful things (tools) I can’t find, that were well used within PPX9. Will keep trying, after all, have been looking forward to this program for a while. Wisper3
  11. Thank you for the information. I am impressed with Power Duplicate. Many thanks again. Whisper3
  12. Hi, I also am having trouble getting into this core skills site. This is so unusual for Serif. I have been using Serif products since PagePlusx2 also with Drawplus. Have just bought the wookbook, along with the program and would like to follow the book. Trying to convert from DrawPlusX8 , Also don't see the replicate tool, but I guess we have to do that differently too. Any Help would be appreciated. Many Thanks
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