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How to handle paragraph style "No Style"

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Because there is no Word import, I've just copy/pasted my book from Word into a text frame and autoflowed the stuff. This works pretty well. Chapeaux!

Even some of the styles were preserved (however, renamend). So I do have:

  • heading 1
  • Quote

Unfortunately, my "Normal/Standard" body copy paragraph style went lost, it now is "No Style".

How can I select all "No style paragraphs" and apply Normal (or another body copy style)?


The problem seems to have to do with the "Normal" style of Word. If I use individual styles, the names are preserved.

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I've opened a pdf from a document produced in Page Plus: this was formatted without using text styles. Everything comes up as No Style. While it is possible to edit the font etc, changing font, it appears impossible to select text and apply a body copy style.

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Hi Interior Book Design

Find and Replace panel allows you to find text that has a certain paragraph style applied. However, it does not allow you to search for no style at the moment but I don't think this would be a bad improvement at all

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