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First, Thank you for releasing Publisher Beta!  

Applying and modifying outlines on text needs a little help.

I see that only a fill option is in the contextual top Nav bar, but no stroke/line option next to it to apply to a text object.

I can add a stroke/outline to text with the Colour palette, but cannot adjust the width of the outline there.  So I adjust the line width in the Character/Decorations palette.  However, the colour swatch for the outline in the Decorations palette does not reflect what was applied in the Colour palette (and vice-versa).  Also, in the Outline Style pop-up window, the Width slider bar does not reflect/coincide with the numeric-entry box next to it, nor does the Line width button (that opens the Outline Style pop-up window) reflect what was chosen in the Outline Style window.

I realize you are already working on these things, but it was the first bugginess I came across and wanted to bring it up here.


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