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    Zoom problems

    Walt, if you are inferring that the zoom issue was fixed in that edition, I must say it is still behaving as James described. I am experiencing the same issue (PC - Win 10) with that version of Publisher (, so the zoom issue has not been resolved yet. Thus I second James' request to fix it. It should zoom to/from where your mouse clicks, or a selected object, or (at least) the center of the page that I'm on - not several pages away at the end of my document!
  2. You rock - that worked! Way cool. Thank you!
  3. I'll give that a try. Thank you very much for the informative replies.
  4. That was a great idea, but it did not solve it. Are you able to use it on your PC in Publisher?
  5. Hmm, interesting. I just redownloaded the font from his link and that file is also restricted in the details panel, but states that I have full access in the Security panel, just like the first file I downloaded.
  6. I have other Chinese fonts that use Chinese in the list name too with no problem. I would use another font, but this one is for Large Seal script, which is quite specific and has a different character set (i.e., the Chinese character is written differently (historically) from other scripts (like Small Seal Script) but the meaning is the same) Yes, it was a free download and is the only one I could find for Large Seal Script. I use various Small Seal Scripts - they all work fine (and are not restricted). I do suspect it has something to do with the restriction - I hope the file size does not matter! If it does, then that would reinforce my request for better TTF support and 'should be' a simple solution. =)
  7. Thank you for the replies. I am on a PC. It is a Chinese font. It is not outlined. I use it right next to other fonts on the same page in the same manner. The file is called "HDZB_25.ttf", but in the list it is called "汉鼎繁印". I use it with several other Chinse fonts that work fine in Publisher, Word and InDesign. Upon further investigation, I found that the file embeddability is Restricted (in the properties panel)... If that is the reason, then why does it work fine in Word and InDesign, but not Publisher?
  8. I am really appreciating the development of Affinity Publisher BETA. I have some TrueType (TTF) fonts that work fine in InDesign and MSWord, but do not appear at all in any Affinity product. To clarify, the font shows in the font list in the Character panel in Publisher, but when applying it to my written text, it does not/will not show. Thus this request to have more support for TTF fonts, particularly in Publisher. Thank you for considering.
  9. The file is attached. The outer shadow shows in the fx panel. It is saved as a regular .afdesign file. Thank you ahead of time for looking into this. shadow.afdesign
  10. I have a graphic in Designer that has an outer shadow and a gradient overlay applied to it. I saved and closed the file yesterday, but when opening the file today I can no longer edit (remove) the outer shadow, but am able to edit the gradient overlay. Is there another way to remove the shadow or do I need to recreate the entire graphic without the shadow? (which is counter-productive) Is this a bug?
  11. First, Thank you for releasing Publisher Beta! Applying and modifying outlines on text needs a little help. I see that only a fill option is in the contextual top Nav bar, but no stroke/line option next to it to apply to a text object. I can add a stroke/outline to text with the Colour palette, but cannot adjust the width of the outline there. So I adjust the line width in the Character/Decorations palette. However, the colour swatch for the outline in the Decorations palette does not reflect what was applied in the Colour palette (and vice-versa). Also, in the Outline Style pop-up window, the Width slider bar does not reflect/coincide with the numeric-entry box next to it, nor does the Line width button (that opens the Outline Style pop-up window) reflect what was chosen in the Outline Style window. I realize you are already working on these things, but it was the first bugginess I came across and wanted to bring it up here.