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  1. When I create a Master Page with just page numbers on it in order to add page numbers, and then apply it to the document, some pages in the document go blank. Not all of them. Except for these pages the numbers do get applied correctly. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  2. Ok, so I dont understand the color panel. What does it do exactly? Thanks for the help. It isnt clear to me from reading the help pages. Thanks.
  3. I have a document with both color and black and white photographs, as well as black text. When I set the Color Panel to CMYK 0,0,0,100 so that the text prints as 100% black, that color panel is that way for all the photographs as well. When I export in PDF/X-1a2003, (which is supposed to use CMYK) how does the Color Panel effect this export? Do the color photographs then apply CMYK 0,0,0, 100? I also have set under "More", color space: As document and ICC Profile, use document profile. But wouldn't these cause the photographs to switch to CMYK 0,0,0,100? It appears that the color photographs are exporting in color, but why would they?
  4. Yes, I did export in pdf/x-1a2003. There is some variation that happens with the black and white photos when they are printed. Is it caused by the color profile being RGB and export being CMYK? I dunno but I guess I will change the colour profile to CMYK and re-upload the file to KDP just to be safe. Doesn't sound like it will cause any further issues by doing that.
  5. The colour profile is actually RGB and then I export it as CMYK. So my question is do I have to have the colour profile set as CMYK? Will this cause problems if the colour profile is set as RGB and I export as CMYK?
  6. If I export my document (which contains a lot of photos) in CMYK, do I also need to have the color panel set to CMYK? Does it matter or will it all be in CMYK anyway if exporting it in CMYK? I am exporting to publish it on paper in a KDP paperback.
  7. Any help? I guess I don't entirely understand the color panel settings vs exporting with specific color profiles. What happens if they contradict each other, as in this case? Black and white photos are set as RGB in their individual color panel and then are exported as CMYK...
  8. Oh, so the color space panel on the right sets the color mode for the entire document not just the page you are working on...so I assume you were saying, Callum, that I should set the color panel mode on the right at CMYK and it will then match the export setting of CMYK and hopefully this will keep the black and white images from "straying" into having some brown/sepia. Do I have that right?
  9. I guess I don't entirely understand the color panel settings vs exporting with specific color profiles. What happens if they contradict each other, as in this case? Black and white photos are set as RGB in their individual color panel and then are exported as CMYK...
  10. Callum, Not sure what you mean. I already have the document in CMYK when exporting and am having the problem I mention. Are you saying that in the color panel for each image I should set it as CMYK rather than RGB (as it is now) or Greyscale? Wouldn't it be better to set the black and white photos as Greyscale and the color photos as CMYK? Right now they are all set as RGB. I can provide the file but it is too large to upload here.
  11. I have a document with both black and white and color photographs. I export in CMYK and when printing with KDP, the black and whites sometimes print in a book with a sepia/light brown color to them. Other times, the book will print correctly without the sepia/brown. When I look at the color panels for these, I see they are in RGB and the color photos are in RGB. Will it help prevent this sepia/brown if I put all these black and white photos into grayscale? Will that prevent them from being sepia/brown or does the exporting in CMYK prevent that anyway? Also, the color photos print correctly, but should these all be in CMYK in the color panel, or does the exporting in CMYK take care of this anyway? Or is this sepia/brown an issue with KDP printers? When I showed them the difference between the sepia/brown document and the correctly printed document they say that this is within their "allowable variances for printing" and isn't a large enough difference to be considered a fault. Thanks, Pete
  12. Thank you both very much. That was very helpful. I knew nothing about this. I believe this fixes my problem. For my own education: how does this apply to photographs/images. I see that my images are set at CMYK and 6,5,5,0. The printer is not reporting any problem and they print out fine. I didn't set these numbers myself. How did they get set? And is there an optimal setting? Thanks again.
  13. Thank you for your help. So, to do this I should select all blocks of text and then change its color profile to CMYK and then adjust the sliders to 0,0,0,100? When you say the color profile is set against the document, do you mean that the document's color profile is set as one thing (CMYK) and the color profile of text is set at another (CMYK but the sliders are not at 0,0,0,100)?
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