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  1. More info - It does seem to export fine with smaller documents. I'm trying to export a 365 page document with many photos and then it crashes. I'm not sure exactly what the size limit is.
  2. I installed a previous build (312) and when I tried to export to a pdf it crashed again. So perhaps it is not the new build. If that's true, is it possible that I have done something to the document itself to cause it to crash when exporting to a pdf? I am using the flatten option, but it crashes with all options. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  3. Thanks. Is it enough for me to tell you their names: Palatino Linotype, Opens Sans and Calibri? Otherwise, I can put together a single page pdf.
  4. How do I check on whether a font is set to Restricted or not?
  5. MikeW - thanks for the help but this file is too large to upload
  6. jmwellborn - yeah I don't understand why it won't work. It does the same thing on both computers. It is a large and complicated document, but nevertheless..It did work with a smaller 1 page document. I'll experiment with some mid sized ones. ivbera - it is really slow to load my large document and sometimes it will not completely load it. Some of the pages in the left column don't appear or appear only partially. This doesn't happen every time, but usually, since the update.
  7. I spent a couple hours with a rep at Adobe and he couldn't figure out how to keep the fonts from being changed when I opened the file in their software
  8. I used Flatten for the pdf export. I did not do anything to embed the fonts before exporting. I thought they were embedded by default. what I meant by available is that Adobe will substitute fonts if it doesn't have them in its program. That shouldn't be the case with this though. thanks all for the help
  9. The inability to export started the build before last, don't know the number. So I didn't update my laptop so I could keep using the previous build that worked. Now, that build expired apparently and I was forced to upgrade to 337. Now, neither will export and I can't even get it to fully open, some pages don't finish. Tried switching to Adobe Acrobat DC but the fonts are changed when I open it.
  10. would you also have a link to the build before that? Thanks
  11. is that for 330? it says it is in the link.
  12. palatino linotype, open sans, calibri palatino became calibri - I didn't check the entire document for the other substitutions
  13. Is there anyway to return to the previous build 330 for now, until 337 is fixed? I am unable to export to a pdf with this new update...