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  1. Hope everyone is well. Adobe user here. Hoping there is an easy fix for this. I imported an InDesign IDML file. There are image files on the master pages. Some have an X through them and others do not. Sorry, but I cannot figure out how to get rid of the X so it doesn't interfere when I place a text frame. On a similar note, a text frame (masthead) imported with rounded corners. How do I restore it to a rectangle?
  2. Thanks so much for the reply. I'll submit this to Feature Requests & Suggestions as well. Oh, it looks like it's there already.
  3. Does AF offer the ability to create a multiple stroke with variations of thick/thin? InDesign panel example attached.
  4. I tried exporting an .indd as an .idml to open in AP and none of my truetype fonts display. Do I need to create a new thread?
  5. Does anybody else run into the same problem looking for an image file on Windows 10? I don't have Photoshop installed anymore, but I could have sworn it was so much easier to tell the file types apart. Now everything is called an Affinity Photo File. There's no way to tell if it's a .jpg, .gif, .tif, etc. even if I hover over it. This is a huge productivity hit. Could anyone suggest a workaround? Do I have to add the extension to the filename now? I miss my Adobe icons.
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