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Where is the brushes folder?

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I can't seem to find the  AFPhoto brushes folder.

I want to import them into AFDesigner.

Nothing in the App support folder. Nothing in my folders...

Searched but no folder came up. I can use and see them in AFP.

What am I missing here?


UPDATE: I exported the AFP brushes to a folder. Imported into AFD...Nothing there but it did say it imported the brushes.
Restarted App just in case. No brushes.

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Hi Albo :)

The default brushes are stored as .propcol files which can't be moved between apps. However you can export the brushes from Photo and then import them into Designer, through the brushes studio.

Select the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) menu in the top right corner of the brushes studio and you should see the following context menu appear -


From this menu you can export brushes from Photo, and then the import them through the equivalent menu in Designer :)

Please note the brushes in Photo are raster brushes, meaning they need to be imported under the Pixel Persona of Designer.

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I've added several brushes to AP, so I'm not sure how they differed from the AD set.  If you get desperate you can export the brushes from AP and import them into AD.

AP user, running Win10

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