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My first thought on this was that it might look a bit nicer if the heads were all of a similar size. It might not look better but it should be easy enough to try it and see what happens.

My second thought is that the text looks wrong to me. The weight of the large capitals is much heavier than the small capitals. (Also, the large capital "C" looks much smaller than the other large capitals.)
You can normally fix this by choosing a font where you have a number of different weights and re-formatting the smaller capitals with a heavier weight. See my attached example where the top line is just using the "Small caps" feature but the bottom line also uses a mix of "Regular" weight for the large capitals and "Semibold" weight for the small capitals.
That might not work perfectly so you might have to do some more manual work to get it just right.

Other than those small issues, it's a nice image.


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45 minutes ago, GarryP said:

The weight of the large capitals is much heavier than the small capitals. (Also, the large capital "C" looks much smaller than the other large capitals.)

I think these are issues that you would need to take up with the designer of that particular typeface (Copperplate). The “smaller” capital C seems to be an optical illusion caused by the unusually large width/height ratio.

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(Copperplate, yes that's what it's called.)
I agree. If you want proper small caps then you need a font with proper small caps in it. My little tip was only a quick fix that can only work with some fonts; it's not to be taken as a best practice solution.
Yeah, the small "C" is probably an optical illusion, as you say, but it still looks wrong to me. Maybe a minor manual tweak would "fix" it.

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The guy on the left looks out of place, he should be looking into the image not out, I think all the people should have similar expressions, so, if one is smiling all should be smiling, the image should be greyscale as in the title, "No Color"

A good concept though.

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