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Useful Panorama Features

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I would love to see:

1. A user-selectable panorama 'projection' option (like perspective, cylindrical, spherical, orthographic, etc.).  

Affinity's stitched panorama does a really good job but doesn't always choose the best projection type.  When objects with many straight lines (like buildings) are in a scene a perspective projection works best as straight lines remain straight.  A wide angular span mountain shot usually benefits from a cylindrical projection.  The Microsoft freeware Image Composite Editor (MS ICE) does a great job of allowing the user to quickly click between different projections (after the images have been stitched) and pick the best one.

2.  Allowing the user to specify the camera's orientation (pan, tilt, roll) of the panorama

Again, MS ICE let's the user easily do this (mouse drag left-right for panning, mouse drag up-down for tilt, mouse drag image corner for roll).  This allows, for example, choosing the center of a 360 panorama by just dragging the mouse left-right.

Below is a shot of MS ICE's option


I love Affinity photo and it has many more options than MS ICE but is really missing these two EXTREMELY useful panorama features that are freely available from MS ICE.


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This is an old topic but I too would echo this request. My current favoured stitching program is Autopano Pro (no longer sold or developed) and it too has these options.  In particular its planar option makes a very good job of stitching buildings taken as a panorama.  Sooner or later I'll need a new stitching program and I'd prefer to use Affinity as it has other tools I like.

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I want to echo it too. I love doing panorama, but I would love to have more option and to have the interface a little bit reworked. 

With projection options, I would love to see outputting the panorama as .dng when used with raw files to give greater flexibility in editing.

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