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  1. Oh man. Please! I'm quite aware some things are more difficult to develop (pun intended), but this is really something I am hoping to 'get' ASAP. I do a lot of timelapses and .... need batch DNG processing (possibly with Tone mapping macro after that)
  2. No problem. I'm rather late to the party too. I am not expert on this matter, but for me (as a non expert) it seemed simple to use the data in the file. I totally understand I am oblivious of what lies beneath the data provided Just hope you can get it working somehow, since it would make my life a lot more easy!
  3. Hi people, I have stumbled upon this thread since I was hoping that Affinity Photo (develop) could read the baked in lens profile DJI (and other manufacturers) is providing in the EXIF data (field OpcodeList3 from what I have read) and that will make working with DNG files much more easy! Is it likely that AF will incorporate this in their develop tool? Otherwise I will have to find a raw converter that does, but I'd rather do it all in one program! Thanks in advance!
  4. This would be a great feature indeed. I also use Autopano, but Affinity could easily replace it with this feature!
  5. Yes, this would be great. I can't record a tone mapping action....
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