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    Since last update to 1.7.1 UI keeps breaking

    When will the official update/patch be released?
  2. Since the most recent update to 1.7.1 my UI keeps on breaking. windows disappear and I cannot get them back unless I reset all the preferences which I am now doing multiple times a day. The toolbar on the left hand side with brush tool etc keeps on disappearing. The only way I can get it back is by doing a complete reset.
  3. ok. I was not aware that you had to merge all the adjustment layers first. I merged everything this time and then exported from the top most merged layer. Now I also understand why there is a "quality" slider in the LUT export dialogue box. At first I didn't get it. I though that the LUT file would have the exact settings from each and every adjustment layer. From what I can see happening here it seems like a LUT file is just a squashed, mushed up approximation of the look you're trying to export. I once again merged the LUT file with the original unedited source file to see if I would get an exact replica and once again no. Just a very rough approximation. is this how LUT files are supposed to work? are they just rough approximations of the "look" you're exporting. Thanks for your hep so far. much appreciated.
  4. I am able to achieve the exact same look by just copying and pasting the adjustment layers to the new photo file. This is a bit clumsy and time consuming. I was hoping to automate this process via a LUT and a batch convert or macro
  5. ok thanks. another question/problem. I conducted a test and exported a LUT from an affinity file/photo and then reapplied that very same LUT to the exact same photo before all the adjustments had been made to see if it would indeed modify the file to exactly the same state. It didn't .It changed the look yes, but it looks nothing like the file from which the LUT had been exported. What gives here? I though the LUT was supposed to allow one to apply the exact same layer adjustments to a new file to get the exact same look. especially when applying it to the exact same source file. any feedback greatly appreciated
  6. Can you batch process a LUT onto multiple photos? I want to create a look using exclusively the adjustment layers then presumably export the look as a LUT then apply the LUT to multiple photos. Is this possible and is that the correct workflow? cheers
  7. angusshmangus

    [Fixed] Help menu doesn't work properly

    Hi. According to MEB it will be resolved in the next release 1.7 which is not available for download yet. I'm experiencing several other bugs including the default black & white colors and masking etc which is a very basic requirement of any photographic editing program. I really hope Affinity puts a freeze on new features and sorts out the basics first. Having worked with software for more than 20 years I'm very intolerant now when it comes to software bugs. It annoys me immensely when I see any software company proudly touting new features when basic features are still broken. Stability and minimal bugs is the most important feature of all. Apple knows this which is why they have become so successful.
  8. angusshmangus

    [Fixed] Help menu doesn't work properly

    ok. it's the search box that doesn't work. I can still launch the help file and annually browse for topics
  9. The help menu doesn't load properly. I cannot use the help menu at all. After selecting topics nothing loads. You really need to be fixing these basic requirements before adding new features otherwise you will be falling into the same trap as adobe and Microsoft. endless features most of which do not work properly rendering the software a nightmare to use. The reason why I switched to apple from Microsoft after 20 years was I realized that apple does the complete opposite. Fewer features but they actually work and I get things done instead of spending all my time on help desks.
  10. the work around doesn't work. I'm just using the app itself now
  11. There is a bug in the affinity miniature extension in the apple photos app. The blur field handles do not respond properly to mouse clicks and drags. I have to click 10 or more times before the handles respond to the mouse clicks.
  12. Please create a tone mapping plugin for apple photos alongside the other plugins (Affinity Miniature, develop, monochrome etc) so that it's not necessary to leave the apple photos application. Thanks
  13. Please introduce the ability to batch tone map image sequences. I want to use affinity photo to "color grade" video. Thanks
  14. I have an image sequence of a hundred images I wish to apply a tone map filter to. I have looked at the Macro feature in Affinity but it doesn't seem to support the Tone Mapping tool. Any ideas? Thanks