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  1. Please introduce the ability to batch tone map image sequences. I want to use affinity photo to "color grade" video. Thanks
  2. I have an image sequence of a hundred images I wish to apply a tone map filter to. I have looked at the Macro feature in Affinity but it doesn't seem to support the Tone Mapping tool. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. I would like batch tone mapping please for video work.
  4. Thanks for the replies so far. I am still unsure as to how to get both the foreground/background icon to show in the colour palette. sometimes its there, sometimes it isn't. I need this icon to show so that I can use perlin noise otherwise the filter doesn't work...
  5. hi - thanks for the reply. i'm not sure. when i press ALT D it does not reset the foreground and background colors back to black and white.... in photoshop there was an icon you could press to reset the foreground and background colors to black and white...
  6. Hi Thanks for the reply. I already own a licence of Affinity photo and am working exclusively in the program. ok that answers my question. i will work exclusively in afphoto and then just export to psd format whenever i import into motion then. I find the psd format os the most robust out of all the export formats. when I use other formats like exr etc I get strange results that do not match what i created in afphoto. psd always produces the same result. Thanks
  7. For workflow reasons I would like to work exclusively in the psd format so I can import these files into apple motion without first having to export to another format. Is this possible? Is the psd format as robust and fully functional within affinity as the native afphoto format? Thanks