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  1. This is an old topic but I too would echo this request. My current favoured stitching program is Autopano Pro (no longer sold or developed) and it too has these options. In particular its planar option makes a very good job of stitching buildings taken as a panorama. Sooner or later I'll need a new stitching program and I'd prefer to use Affinity as it has other tools I like.
  2. Is this using the Serif or Apple raw converter?
  3. Thanks. I didn't see it using the Serif RAW engine, but I've not been doing that much with RAWs recently.
  4. Bit more testing. I never saw it with X-E2 v4 RAWs but only X-T2 (latest firmware). Seems cured with the Serif RAW engine and X-E2 v4 now supported too. High Sierra and Affininty 1.6.6 here. I'll try a few more files and report back if it fails using the Serif RAW engine. Andrew
  5. Thanks, I too seem to have the Apple option selected (dates from my X-E2 firmware 4 update), I'll report back if it recurs. Andrew
  6. Did this go anywhere? I'm seeing it too: v1.6.6 on High Sierra with X-T2 raws. Open OK in RawTherapee. OK if I quit Affinity and re-start.
  7. One hesitates to ask, but app store isn't showing an update beyond 1.4.1 to me at least and this is a minor irritation... Andrew
  8. Thanks. Sorry again if this was a duplicate, I did try to look. I'll probably use OOC jpgs pending the hoped for fix though the Apple RAW engine is a clever suggestion and deeper into Mac than I'd get alone. Andrew
  9. I'm sorry if this has been raised before or this is the wrong place. Affininty 1.4.1 opens X-E2 RAF files but not if the firmware has been updated to version 4. This is such a big upgrade almost all owners will. RawTherapee is in the same position. I'd attach a file but they are too big. Andrew
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