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Bleed settings - why are they available?

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In Document Setup, I see I can specify a bleed. I'm wondering why there is this setting present when:

1) I can't view the bleed when designing. (or at least I can't for the life of me figure out how to)
2) I can't choose to export the document to PDF with bleeds and cropmarks (again, if there's a way to do this, I can't find it)

Am I missing something? Please enlighten me if I am. 

I like Affinity Designer. It has a lot of features that are better than Illustrator. But, it's being billed as a "Professional" level design app. How can they call it this when I cannot export with bleeds and cropmarks??


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Bleed, once defined is present. You can draw a rectangle around the page that is the page or artboard dimensions plus 2 times the bleed amount for a visual indicator. It's hokey but it's what we got.

Pdf export dialog. Press the More button and check the boxes wanted for Including bleed and marks.

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1) You can see and snap to the bleed, when you deactivate the option ´crop to artboard / document´ in the view menu

2) You can set PDF output with bleed and cropmarks in the PDF settings dialog by clicking on ˋmore' and ticking the according boxes

3) You may also ask "How can I ..." instead of "Why can't I ..." -- the first version is more polite and also gives people less chances to troll you with answers like "Because I'm not telling you how" or "Because you are [insert insult]" :o)

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1 hour ago, CPritchard said:

it's being billed as a "Professional" level design app. How can they call it this when I cannot export with bleeds and cropmarks??

It can, it's just a matter of learning how ;)

It can also create spot colours, overprint colours, global colours (so if you apply a global colour to items, you can update all the items' colours in one go).

Using Artboards, it can even do (basic) imposition.

Most of this is covered in the inbuilt help or the online help. Search for Export.

For PDF file format:

  • Compatibility—sets the version and type of PDF to be exported. Select from the pop-up menu.
  • Colour Space—choose whether to use the document's current colour space or export using a selected colour space. Select from the pop-up menu.
  • Profile—choose whether to use the document's current colour profile or export using a specific colour profile. Select from the pop-up menu.
  • Embed profiles—when selected (default), the chosen (or document's) colour profile will be embedded in the exported file. If this option is off, the exported file will not have the colour profile embedded with it (the viewing device will need to have the appropriate colour profile installed to view the exported PDF accurately).
  • Honour spot colours—when selected, spot colours within the design are exported as spot colours. If this option is off, spot colours are converted to an equivalent colour within the exported file's colour space (see above).
  • Overprint black—when selected, design elements which use CMYK black are set to overprint. If this option is off, CMYK black elements are set to be indistinguishable to other colours during printing.
  • Include bleed—when selected, any Bleed set in Document Setup will be included in the PDF output.
  • Include printer marks—when selected, the PDF output will show printer marks around the page edge. All printer marks are added by default. However, particular types of printer marks can be switched off, depending on your preference. These include:
    • Crop marks
    • Registration marks
    • Colour and greyscale bars
    • Page information

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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