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Different results when use macro in a batch job

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I recorded a macro in Affinity photo. When I applied that macro manually ( thats mean open the file, load the macro list and select it ) it works correctly. But when I apply that very same macro in a batch job, I get a wrong incorrect result.

In the batch job, I'm converting a series of raw files to jpeg, I dont know if that's the problem ( see images attached ).

Thanks for your help






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The current raw developer in batch mode doesn't do lens correction or noise reduction, and it applies a tone curve which typically darkens. In other words, it's useless. Develop your raws one by one and then run a batch job on your developed images. If you have more than a few raws to develop with identical settings, you'll probably want to use another app for batch raw development.









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Hi Tapatio,

Welcome to the forums :)

Unfortunately as @owenr has mentioned, our batch development mode is still being tweaked and improved and it's current state can lead to darkened images due to lens corrections and tone curves not being applied.
I'd recommend the aforementioned workaround of developing first and then applying the macro, apologies for the inconvenience this could cause but we are always working to improve the app and our developers are aware of this issue.

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