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  1. Yes, the bug is corrected in the beta, that's what I needed to know. Thank you for your help
  2. Sorry, my mistake. I upgraded to I check the beta thanks
  3. Ok, I will do that today when I go home. Thank you for your help.
  4. Given this answer, sorry but I stand from what I said. I don't need to know so much technicalities about "glyphs" and "fonts " etc etc etc , I'm a simply end user that wants his tool work as expected. And a software developer too, that's why I'm aware of this kind of answers. I will explain the whole situation for the sake or your comprehension: I live in Canada, french Canada to be exactly. Here they sell only Canadian French and Canadian English layout keyboards. But I have to do some work in Spanish, to a Spanish clients. because I speak Spanish too. Do you want more detail about it ????? The Canadian French Layout don't have the same accents as Spanish and in order to get the accented vowels as in Spanish ( áéíóú ) you have to presse AltGr + AccentedKey + the vowel. Why that work well in all other applications but affinity photo ???? So please, before justify the typing bug in affinity whit technicalities , don't be lazy, do your job, do a research an then come back. ( This is a Canadian French layout keyboard, by the way )
  5. Sorry but your answer looks like more of someone that likes to avoid to do his job, and that is something you cannot "fake" too. Look at this image, is clearly a problem of affinity. And in order to have the text well written, I have to write it in another application and then paste it in affinity.
  6. Not what I expected as solution but works for me indeed. Thank you very much for your quick help !
  7. Hello, I'm doing right now several images with the IMPACT font type. But when I start over affinity every time I have to select the same font type, same the color, same the stroke again and again. It will be nice if the last used properties/options get saved so when I start affinity I dont have to reselect them. Another example: when I open an image the hand tool (view tool ) is always selected by default, I rather prefer the move tool. Is there any way to do this ? Thanks !
  8. Hi, My version is, Windows 10 Since I bought affinity I can't type accents when I use the text tool. I have a french Canadian keyboard but I have to type Spanish characters sometimes. So I have to use the Alt Gr key + the accent key followed by the vowel to get á é í ó ú, but it never worked ( see image attached ) It puts double accent and never put it on the vowel. Thanks for your help
  9. Thank you for your help guys ! I had the image in 32 bit color format, that was in fact the problem
  10. Why is Dust & Scratches filter is always disabled ???? (Affinity photo v. 1.6.4 ) I'm trying to edit a tiff or raw photo.
  11. Why is Dust & Scratches filter is always disabled ???? (Affinity photo v. 1.6.4 ) I'm trying to edit a tiff or raw photo.
  12. Hello everyone, I just found this excellent tutorial for astrophotgraphy processing, but its for Photoshop. http://www.astropix.com/html/j_digit/digtechs.html I could find the equivalent steps in Affiny, mostly for the "blackpoint" tool in the Levels adjustment. Any help will be very appreciated. Regards
  13. The thing is its a time lapse with some hundreds several photos ! I 'cant apply that manually
  14. Hello, I recorded a macro in Affinity photo. When I applied that macro manually ( thats mean open the file, load the macro list and select it ) it works correctly. But when I apply that very same macro in a batch job, I get a wrong incorrect result. In the batch job, I'm converting a series of raw files to jpeg, I dont know if that's the problem ( see images attached ). Thanks for your help
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