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[AD, WIN] Curves get stripped on export, causing problems

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Designer strips all elements outside the document region. This is causing problems, because these graphics are placed outside the document bounds on purpose and are needed by css/javascript to move/animate them on screen:

Because of this the following things we do a lot (that are possible using Illustrator) don't seem to be possible in Designer:
- an svg-map (like google maps) which can be dragged by the user is always bigger then the document bounds
- objects that must start outside the screen are always outside document bounds
- a large graphic starting zoomed in, where a user can zoom it out does have curves falling outside document bounds
- A 2d background, like a street with trees, panning behind a walking character to simulate the changing environment during the walk has elements outside document bounds
- etc etc

This happens in about 90% of our interactive/animation projects. Unfortunately this is preventing us to move from illustrator to designer.

If this is not a bug, but done intentially, could you please consider changing this behaviour. Right now it seems to be impossible to export all objects, including the onces outside the document bounds. At least give us some control to make this choice ourselves, like this:

I really like Designer a lot and want to move to Designer for all projects, but unfortunately this way we can't use Designer for a lot of interactive projects here. 

Thanks for considering this!


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Hi Friksel,

Thanks for letting us know! This is not a bug, but more of an improvement request so I will move it into the Feature Requests forum for consideration! :)

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