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Can anyone please confirm that when using dodge and burn tools, when I select the tonal range it should allow me to specifically target highlights/midtones/shadows on the source layer? If so, then it seems that it doesn't work at all - instead when choosing highlights, the dodge tool works with more intensity, but ignores the tonal range setting I chose.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour? I'm really confused and when watching tutorials it seems that it should work in a very different way.

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12 hours ago, owenr said:

Affinity's dodge and burn tonal ranges are not implemented correctly. There have been several reports regarding that, but I don't know whether Serif intends to fix it.



I can look into this on Monday, when i'm back in the office. 


If it's been reported to us then it should be logged in our system and if it isn't, i'll get some examples together and get it logged :) 

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