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Merge visible question

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I’m doing chapters of Affinity Photo Workbook on my PC.

I tried this on a personal file on iPad Pro and  Merge Visible isn’t reduciing file size.  I still see all the layers below the new merged layer..

I recreated the file and  I checked the size by going to export before and after merging and the file size is the same. 


I thought it would be smaller?


Is there another way to check file size?  I didn’t see it in the metadata studio.

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merge the visible, is like you press Ctrl-Strg-Shift+E on a PC it makes a new layer with all the edit of the underlying ones. Very useful when you want make for example Luminosity selections of the complete image. 


I think what you mean to reduce the file size is flat the layers. When you flatten all layers it will be only one layer left. (But then all layers will be lost after you save the file)




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