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How can I get rid of these ugly lines?

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Hi Steve55,


Welcome to the forums :)


What is the file type that you are importing into Affinity and which application are you using to trace?




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Hi Steve55,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This is a side-effect of the way the rasterisation routine works. These "lines" are the result of the background colour bleeding through the edges of the shapes. See this post by Matt P (one of the developers) and the rest of the thread to learn more about this.


If you place a shape with a similar colour to the ones on the front on the bottom of the layers stack (so below them) you should be able to disguise these lines a little better. Adding a thin stroke with the same colour as the fill to the shapes may also be an alternative in some cases (when applicable). Other alternative is to duplicate them all then rasterise the duplicated layer that contains them to generate an image based on the colours of the vector shapes. Blur the image a little with a Gaussian Blur FX and place it below the objects to again disguise the "lines".

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