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Gerard Nijenbrinks

Clarity adjustment not functional in development persona

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In the development persona all sorts of adjustments can be applied to a picture, like contrast, clarity, saturation, etc.


When using the Overlay paint tool, these adjustments can be applied locally to a chosen part of the picture.


However, when using the Overlay paint tool the Clarity adjustment can not be engaged anymore, all other adjustments can. I tried to catch it in the video below.


Am I doing something wrong? Is this intentional, or is it a bug?




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Hi Gerard,


It's also the same in the Desktop version as well, the Clarity option can't work with an overlay.  It's come up before here on the forums so at least we know it's not a bug.  I'll see on Monday if i can find out why it's not available, as it would be nice to know why :35_thinking: 

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