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Noise settings doesn't seem to show when exported to .pdf

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Hi Dear Team!


The Noise setting applied in the Color panel doesn't seem to look the same when exported to .pdf


When zoomed into the .pdf file, it seem to show better results, but still not quite the same. It's gonna be printed in sra 3 size. Do you think in that size the amount of Noise would show as intended in the original .afdesigner format?


Thanks a bunch!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 00.20.55.png

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I think the problem is that AD noise preview is faulty, meaning that it displays the same visual amount of noise regardless zoom ratio. That is, 1:1 pixel zoom ratio both in AD and PDF should look the same, but 1:2 (half size) still displays same visual structure in AD but in PDF it is much finer and may disappear. It is not possible to accurately predict how noise will look and print so better test.

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Hi Msan,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Affinity Designer/Photo uses mipmaps - lower resolution versions of the image - to improve its performance when rendering images on screen at zoom levels below 100%. So what you see on screen is the result of those filters or in this case Noise (which is also dynamic) being applied dynamically to the lower resolution versions of the image/objects (depending on the zoom level). When you export the file the filters/adjustments/noise are backed to the full resolution image instead thus the differences you are seeing between the two. To prevent this from happening and get an accurate "preview" of the filters/adjustments/noise make sure you are seeing/checking them at 100% zoom or more to ensure they are being applied/previewed using the full resolution version. 

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