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  1. my bad. couldn't delete original post
  2. Thanks for both! You aren't called Dedicated User in vain
  3. Hi Dear Team! The Noise setting applied in the Color panel doesn't seem to look the same when exported to .pdf When zoomed into the .pdf file, it seem to show better results, but still not quite the same. It's gonna be printed in sra 3 size. Do you think in that size the amount of Noise would show as intended in the original .afdesigner format? Thanks a bunch!
  4. I mixed up the topics then. Thats good news Thank you very much! It is clear now and working!
  5. I just figured it out. I have to place them on the artboard one above the other, then it is visible. Dumb mistake, sorry. The draw inside thing still stands, just cant upload the image for some reason. So I group for example 3 rectangles, then I select them, press the draw inside icon, then I switch to the brush tool and start coloring, but the lines doesnt stay within the grouped rectangles, although in the layers menu they appear inside the correct layer.
  6. Hi Guys! I am wondering if its a bug or I am misguided in any way, but the way of masking, when I grab one layer and hold it and let it go when the short vertical blue line appears on the layer I am about to put it on, then it all changes into a whole blank document. As well as when I select an object and I press the draw inside icon, it doesnt take effect whe I start using the brush tool on it, although in the layers menu the brushed lines appear inside the object. Does it have anything to do with the grouped objects I am about to draw inside or.....? Am I missing anything? Thanks ahead!
  7. No problem MEB! Thanks for looking into it and looking forward for the solution.
  8. Hey Guys, I am able to reproduce it with any document and I am using Mac with El Capitan 10.11.6 ( and unfortunately I am not able to upgrade to the latest osx due to the videocard issue of this macbook pro model) Please find the file attached! Cheers white_thing.afdesign
  9. Hi, I am wondering why all the background area goes white when inserting a new artboard, making the edges of it invisible and dull for the eyes to coop with all that whiteness. Is it just the way it is? Thanks
  10. I really appreciate your guidance Alfred! This is a very nice community that gathered around Affinity Designer!
  11. umm, I see what you mean. this shape was made with the Corner Tool on a regular rectangle, as I dont know how to affect only one corner of a Rounded rectangle ( is there a way?), thus I see no option for disabling "absolute sizes". I might have to think of a different way to make that top right corner look the way it looks now, then resizing wont be a problem. As for this topic, the possible bug remains the crash while using the Selection Tool in Export Persona! owenr, thanks for you help! I've learnt a lot!
  12. Hi owenr! thanks a bunch! it was not on. turning it on solved a part of the problem. it still gets distorted at the top right corner though... on the screenshot below, the large one to the left is the original size.
  13. Hi there I don't know whether I am missing out on something or not, but i have made tonight several logos, each on a different document. Then I started copying them one by one, on a separate document where I had to resize them all to fit on the canvas. The action of resizing has affected the stroke sizes in a funky way. Please note the image below! Then when I was in export persona, as soon as I started using the Slice tool, the program crashed, like 4 times in a row. Best of luck guys!
  14. Hi MEB! I had the exact same issue as PrettygreatPhil, and the solution you provided work just fine, until i selected the teardrop shape from the compound and started moving it around. the movement of the teardrop changed the outline of the original upper shape at certain places, at other positions of the teardrop shape the form of the upper shape has changed back to its normal. Please note the change on the top left corner of the screenshots. Thanks anyways and best of luck in developing it looks promising so far