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Aff Photo: LAB 32 Bit HDR color mode please !

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when developing HDR images there is the danger that with RGB color mode you get color faults, because RGB represents color and luminance in the same value.

If Affinity Photo would enable a LAB 32 bit HDR color mode that would solve the problem.

Because color and luminance are now separated, the large dynamic range of HDR images are mainly reflected in luminance. This prevents color faults during HDR generation.


By the way, I like the way Affinity Photo is adressing HDR development in the workflow.

However, because I quite regularly get color faults during development, I can not use it in many situations (see attached image as an example for such a color fault in the sky)HDR_Aff.thumb.jpg.8c54adec68958ba7a6304596b6d78657.jpg.

In this case I use my LAB 32 bit based HDR development programm (Oloneo), which produces nicer color without color faults.

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