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  1. Yes, I agree that this must be some kind of transparency issue on my pc. But what is irritating me is that I only experience it with Affinity applications (see example image, where I have Photoshop CS6 open and Affinity Photo, both with light design. Only Affinity Photo shows this transparency issue). I also completely uninstalled all Affinity software, deleted all remaining Affinity files and directories, cleared the registry, deleted windows icon cache. After restart and installation of Affinity software the same issue again. For my graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti) I do not see an option to modify or adjust transparency behaviour. One possibility could be that Affinity software uses a different PNG transparency implementation than my photoshop software and that my graphic card has an issue for that particular transparency implementation (although hard to imagine). Anyway, seems that I have a very special specific issue here. Thanks for your support. For the time being I will live with this issue on my pc (on my laptop with windows 7 64 bit and on my win 10 microsoft surface pro it is working fine).
  2. Thanks for the reply and the advice. But I am not sure whether this will help me. I think the links you provided do not refer to my problem. I have no problems with windows icons. I did not remove the shortcut arrow (see my screenshots). I only have problems with Affinity icons when used by Affinity software. I use other software on my pc with light designs and corresponding icons, which show up correctly. Is there a possibility to clear all affinity icons? Can I modify the way these icons are used? By the way, I followed the instructions to delete IconCache.db with no success.
  3. hr.mu

    dark icons in light design

    Thanks for the advice. However, I have no idea how to clean the program logs and cache. I cannot find any logfiles or cachefiles for affinity photo beta.
  4. Hi Gabe, sorry for the late reply, I overlooked this answer. I am not sure about your question. I am always working locally on my laptop and on my pc. My impression is, that the background of the icons is displayed transparent on my laptop and with black color on my pc. I suppose that this is some kind of application setting. My Affinity Publisher software shows the same icon behaviour on my pc and on my laptop. It seems to be Affinity specific. Even the start screen already of Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher show a black background on my pc and a transparent background on my laptop. Thanks for supporting! Harald
  5. On my windows 7 64 bit pc the icons for the light design are still dark (this is true for the publisher as well). Strangly, on my windows 7 64 bit laptop the icons are light. I have no clue why the icons on my pc are dark. I already uninstalled the whole application and installed it again, but no change. The uninstall process does not remove all settings, because after reinstall it recognizes old settings.
  6. I use the current beta version on my PC and on my Laptop with light background settings. Both (PC and LT) operate under Windows 7 64 bit. On my Laptop icons in Affinity Photo Beta look fine, on my PC the icons have a black background.
  7. Ups, I do not know why, but after restarting affinity publisher my german keyboard is now recognized correctly....
  8. Hi, after upgrading to the latest update Affinity Publisher does no longer recognize my keyboard with german settings. Hitting 'z' produces an 'y' und german umlaute are no longer available where they should be. I am using the software on a windows 7 64 bit pc.
  9. When trying to print under windows 10, the print window (file -> print) pops up at the top of the screen. In addition, only the lower part of the print window is visible. As the top of the print window is not visible, you cannot move the print window and use it. Under windows 7 the print window pops up in the middle of the sreen, which is fine.
  10. Under Windows 10, when right-clicking the context window appears at the top of the window, not at the cursor position. Under Windows 7 the context window pops up at the cursor position
  11. When exporting your document to PDF, links defined by their url in the text are handled as links in the PDF document. However, the underlying link in the pdf does not always reflect the complete url. If you use urls like https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreifaltigkeitskirche_(M√ľnchen) Affinity will not recognize brackets as part of the url and will only generate a link like https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreifaltigkeitskirche_ .
  12. If you try to export your document and you choose the option PSD in the export settings, Affinity publisher immediately chrashes.
  13. In my document all images were embedded by default. Then I changed all images from embedded to being linked. However, the file size of my afpub file remained unchanged (300MB), although all images are now listed as linked. It seems that they are still embedded.
  14. Hi, I am using a document setup with a sRGB color profile. I am inserting various images in the document, some have color profile sRGB, some have color profile ProphotoRGB. On the screen images with sRGB profile are shown correctly from the beinning. Images with ProphotoRGB profile are first shown very dull, it seems to me that the ProphotoRGB values are interpreted as sRGB values. Strangly, when I update an Prophoto RGB image with itself(!) the image is now shown correctly, the color profile seems to be recognized now. When exporting to 'pdf (for export)' the images are shown correctly. When exporting to 'pdf/x-4' again the ProphotoRGB images are shown very dull, the color profile is not interpreted correctly. Best regards Harald
  15. hr.mu

    Panasonic RW2 raw file problems G9

    OK, I just did another test. I took two pictures with standard resolution and with sRGB and with Adobe RGB color space, and both images opened in Affinity photo without problems. Then I took a high resolution picture with a camera setting that it saves the high resolution image and in parallel it also saves the same image in standard resolution. Both of these two images cannot be opened correctly in Affinity Photo and produce this pink mess. So maybe that in this situation the standard resolution is saved differently. It would be great if Affinity Photo could also process these high resolution images!