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  1. Hi Wasp11b, thanks for the reply and for the effort of investigating the issue. Your figures correspond vary much to my figures. Opening the publisher file will use about 1,4 GB memory. When exporting to pdf it will use about 5,5 GB to estimate the resulting filesize (in about 9 minutes) and it takes another 9 minutes to export the file. It does not make vary much sense to wait for estimating the filesize. I at once start exporting. Because I sync my files between laptop and pc, publisher will no longer recognize most images as current after sync and warns when exporting. If I update
  2. Nice advice to upgrade RAM to 32 GB. My laptop has a 8 GB limit, no upgrade possible. And I do not like to buy a new laptop only because an application does not handle its memory usage correctly....
  3. I replicated my affinity publisher data to my tablet (windows 10 64 bit pro, 8GB Memory). Here I was able to open and export my 40 page document in Affinity Publisher. However, It took many minutes to export. The windows task manager showed a gradual increase in memory usage from 2 GB to 5,4 GB. The document itself including all linked ressources uses about 200 MB, the generated pdf file is also 200 MB of size. This looks like a serious memory issue.
  4. I created a small document (13x18cm pages) with 40 pages, almost no text and only one or two linked images per page. I tried to export a pdf document, but publisher crashes each time. If I start the export, publisher tries to estimate the size of the document. Without doing anything else, I can see how publisher builds up memory usage up to 6 GB and then ends because of lack of memory (I have a windows 7 64 bit laptop with 8 GB memory). When I try to export I also started the export without waiting for the result of the memora estimate. Publisher shows same behaviour. It builds up me
  5. Yes, I agree that this must be some kind of transparency issue on my pc. But what is irritating me is that I only experience it with Affinity applications (see example image, where I have Photoshop CS6 open and Affinity Photo, both with light design. Only Affinity Photo shows this transparency issue). I also completely uninstalled all Affinity software, deleted all remaining Affinity files and directories, cleared the registry, deleted windows icon cache. After restart and installation of Affinity software the same issue again. For my graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti) I
  6. Thanks for the reply and the advice. But I am not sure whether this will help me. I think the links you provided do not refer to my problem. I have no problems with windows icons. I did not remove the shortcut arrow (see my screenshots). I only have problems with Affinity icons when used by Affinity software. I use other software on my pc with light designs and corresponding icons, which show up correctly. Is there a possibility to clear all affinity icons? Can I modify the way these icons are used? By the way, I followed the instructions to delete IconCache.db with no success.
  7. Thanks for the advice. However, I have no idea how to clean the program logs and cache. I cannot find any logfiles or cachefiles for affinity photo beta.
  8. Hi Gabe, sorry for the late reply, I overlooked this answer. I am not sure about your question. I am always working locally on my laptop and on my pc. My impression is, that the background of the icons is displayed transparent on my laptop and with black color on my pc. I suppose that this is some kind of application setting. My Affinity Publisher software shows the same icon behaviour on my pc and on my laptop. It seems to be Affinity specific. Even the start screen already of Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher show a black background on my pc and a transparent ba
  9. On my windows 7 64 bit pc the icons for the light design are still dark (this is true for the publisher as well). Strangly, on my windows 7 64 bit laptop the icons are light. I have no clue why the icons on my pc are dark. I already uninstalled the whole application and installed it again, but no change. The uninstall process does not remove all settings, because after reinstall it recognizes old settings.
  10. I use the current beta version on my PC and on my Laptop with light background settings. Both (PC and LT) operate under Windows 7 64 bit. On my Laptop icons in Affinity Photo Beta look fine, on my PC the icons have a black background.
  11. OK, I just did another test. I took two pictures with standard resolution and with sRGB and with Adobe RGB color space, and both images opened in Affinity photo without problems. Then I took a high resolution picture with a camera setting that it saves the high resolution image and in parallel it also saves the same image in standard resolution. Both of these two images cannot be opened correctly in Affinity Photo and produce this pink mess. So maybe that in this situation the standard resolution is saved differently. It would be great if Affinity Photo could also process t
  12. Hi Chris, thanks for the quick response. Both files open in Lightroom V6 without problems, therefore I believe it is a handling issue for Affinity Photo. I am not aware that I can influence the compression set on the camera. I am only aware that I changed the color space set on the camera between these two images. For the PANA4492.RW2 file I used the sRGB color space setting, for the _LUM0777.RW2 file I used the AdobeRGB color space (although EXIF data protocoll color space as uncalibrated. But EXIF data seem to be not reliable, i.e. they protocoll EXIF image height/
  13. I use the new Panasonic DC-G9 camera and mainly deal with raw files. When I started in December, I could develop these RW2 files with affinity photo. But now Affinity Photo does not recognize these raw files any longer. Maybe I changed some camera setting, but I am not aware which setting might cause the problem now. For your information, I attach two raw files which demonstrate this behaviour. _LUM0777.RW2 PANA4492.RW2
  14. when working with an image editing software I very often use tools with an adjustable tool size (brushes, pencils, eraser, clonig tool, ....). And I very often adjust their tool size while working with it. In affinity photo it is mostly very akward to adjust these tool sizes: You have to click on the pixel size field, you have to blindly adjust the size by ruler (you do not see the resulting actual tool size) and you have to click again to confirm this resizing. Only now you see the resulting new tool size. If it is not correct, you have to redo all over again.
  15. when developing HDR images there is the danger that with RGB color mode you get color faults, because RGB represents color and luminance in the same value. If Affinity Photo would enable a LAB 32 bit HDR color mode that would solve the problem. Because color and luminance are now separated, the large dynamic range of HDR images are mainly reflected in luminance. This prevents color faults during HDR generation. By the way, I like the way Affinity Photo is adressing HDR development in the workflow. However, because I quite regularly get color faults during development
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