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Further windows handling improvements

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First of all thank you for the improvements in windows handling in the latest beta - this is already a good step in the right direction. I'd like to add some further optimisations on the window topic:

1) When you drag & drop a file from the windows explorer please:

   - open it in an undocked window (elsewise no second drag an drop is possible unless you float the first window)!
   - if possible in 1:1 Zoom (not enlarged to windows size as in place right now)
   - and with an adapted windows size to fit the original file

2) When you float a or all windows please make the floating window(s) fit the picture in the current zoom level (optimal windows size) - if it fits in the workspace.

3) If a window is larger than the original document (regardles if docked or floating) please automatically center the document within the new window (and disable the view tool in this window). If you resize a floating window smaller than the document: dock the document at the top left corner. Maybe it makes sense to implement a general setting "Always center documents when smaller than window". If a document is smaller than the window there is no need to be able to move the document within the window. One could avoid accidentally "loosing" the document in "outer space" if it would always be centered in the docked window (if smaller than the window)

5) When you work with docked and floating windows in combination you can't bring the docked window to the front. This is a general problem. It could be solved by only allowing docked or floating windows mode but no mixture. Floating windows can be brought to the front.

6) It would be nice to arrange all floating windows optimized on the workspace (e.g. horizontal, vertical, tiled) with one click (menu command)

7) Also nice to have: additional information of document size (height/width in current units somewhere at the windowsframe of a document)

8) If I undock many documents why do they cascade at the top right(?) corner of my screen?

9) Drag and Drop of layers between documents should be possible

These are just some suggestions that come to my mind.
Cheers, Timo



 i7-12700KF, 3.60 GHz, 32GB RAM, SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet, Windows 11 Pro - AP, AD and APublisher V1 and V2

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I second all of these suggestions. I was just trying to replicate my process for gathering up pictures for scapbooking and these deficiencies make the whole process take 10 times as long as it does in photoshop. It's simple things like this that make the program so much more useful.

I realize I could come up with a different process that might fit AP better but these suggestions seem so 'simple' and logical.

Another example: I convert all images to 320 dpi for printing (that is how the printer wants them). So when making a layout I create a 12x12 320 dpi image to create the scrapbook layout. Now I open each picture that will go on  that layout. They open with 72 dpi so I have to convert them. In PS all I do is grab the crop tool, set it to 320 dpi (once per session) and then crop the image to whatever size I need. It automatically converts it to 320 dpi thus killing the proverbial two birds with one stone. In AP I have to create a new 12x12 document. Then open up the image. Go to resize document, click type in 320 dpi, uncheck resample image, then click ok. Then I have to grab the crop tool and crop. This obviously take much longer. There are MANY other example.

Still love the program but it does take more work to do many things.

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I wonder if this topic has been looked at by serif development and if there were any plans to improve basic workflow in these handling topics?
I may add that I do not see any need for a differenciation of floating and docked mode. Docked windows get tabs at the top of the screen and can be combined with undocked ones anyhow. It would be helpful if thearea where a window can be docked is made significantly smaller since quite often one un-deliberately docks a window even though you just want to shift the floating window somewhere at the top of the screen.
The automated resizing mentioned above would be a really, really (did I mention REALLY) great feature to get and lwould improve the workflow significantly.
Cheers, Timo


 i7-12700KF, 3.60 GHz, 32GB RAM, SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet, Windows 11 Pro - AP, AD and APublisher V1 and V2

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