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Tom Schülke

free rotating canvas using my intuos pad and

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Hi i know , i could use shortcuts if i use my intuos tablet to rotate the canvas by shortcut..    but well   what would my intuos would be for ,   in this case...  


in Photoshop i could use two fingers llike on a i phone to rotate the canvas by pressing and moving my fingers directly on my tablet..  


is this somehow possible in affinity photo and designer too ?

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I Have set some rotating options to the wheel on my Intuos 4.

It's not perfect but it works for good enough for me.

First you need to make sure the rotate left and rotate right options have a keyboard shortcut in Affinity Photo. Look in the preference screen in the shortcut section for the option if you do not see a shortcut assigned in the menu. The rotate options are in the view menu.

Then go to your Wacom tablet settings and set the shortcuts to either two buttons or on the touch wheel.

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