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I'm new here and struggling with affinity photo in comparison to photoshop.

I'm a photographer and need a fast, solid & intuitive alternative for my daily work...

So therefor I compare my behavior work with ps and are searching for the functions.

First I need a better layer difference by color (see example attached).  I think this is no bog thing for affinity - isn't it?

It helps me so much!




Layer colors.jpeg

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This is a nice suggestion. I was a color-layer junkie back when I used Photoshop everyday. It may seem like a trivial thing, but when you've been sitting for 8 straight hours a day working on several files, marking layers with colors are a BIG visual aid.



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All right...     i think this was asked allready several times here...    i am sure, this will be on a top to do list for the next mayor release.. 

for me more important even than this nice thing, would be the ability to       additive select pixelmasks straight from the layermanager...    in Photohop i think strg+shift+left mouse button klick on a layer and you can click one after the other several layer and combine their pixelselection....    when you work with bigger documents and many layer ....    the fastest way...  in affinity Photo so far, you can only select one single layer-pixel-selection..    if you want to add several different masks, you first have to store them as aspare channel...  and this is a more severe speed-break, than the colorcheme, which i want too.

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