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Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6.6 - GM)

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Tested maybe 12 hours (netto) or so - no worries so far.

My highlight, the glyph-browser, works very well, also the bright gui (could be a little bit darker) and the heart-fonts (i would prefer categories).

Even the german localization and the updated help  - i didnt found any "strange translation" or something else to mention.

This GM was the long waiting-periode worth:-) 

Well done, thank you Serif!



For the next update:


I wish a svg-"glyph-like" browser: just "draw" an empty "form" and browsing trough my referenced svg-folders and doubleclick to open/place here, when i found a good canditate.

Also a form-replacer = just the form gets replaced, all other (size, fill-color, gradient, contour, mask.....) keeps the same.


Better global-color-managment, also better "context-pipette" = doubleclick anywhere with any pipette beams the color to my current-context: At this state its a little bit wide-windowed and unnecessary confusing. Also a combo of eg. HSL-wheel PLUS a palette (monochrome) plus a palette gradients in one "box"... would save lot clicks... BTW: a special palette or dedicated tool for "transparancy/masking/morphing..." gradiens...its of course a very nice feature as it is, but i guess it can more with a dedicated tool/palette


More than just a "heart" for font-collections: I have some serif, some non-serif, some caligraphy, some fx.... i want them as category-"shortcuts", maybe like the osx-fontapp without to open the studio-text-box!


And (a little bit special) but a simple animation-timeline would be lovely. I often need animated knobs (moving eg. just an indicator from 8 PM to 4 AM or something like that). (take a look at the great free-java-app JK Knobman - it does it very well, but the fonts become never so "sharp" as in AP and other things too... and its wide-windowed...)!


Smarter "browsing" in general. Remember different folder for open / saving this type, and give a better side-panel as the osx-standard. Take a look at libre-office. Lets define a side-panel for open and saving with fast-one-level-higher arrows and a preview by clicking any special-stroke... 


Not a gimmick: Escpailly for "use your eyes" apps - a personalized "background" is not a gimmick!  Take a look to DAW- or some office apps. Most lets set different color-shemes for the app (some areas) itself.


With osx, the dock and the finder... i can create "templates", but they are never so comfortable as dynamic ones from inside the app. 



Some generall gui-speed-ups. There are a lot of click+menu+select-boxes... mostly 2 prev/next buttons would do a faster job, instead click the pull-down button- navigate to the entry + click this entry... and start again... next/prev is very faster. A menu only needs sense if there are sub-folders or long list, in this case you can combine booth.

(Same for open/save dialog - there is no need to keep the wide-windowed osx-dialog, see libre office... not the specialists for osx;-), but here they blame apple..

BTW: your "media-browser" is exactly not this kind of "developing the standard-finder-dialog" - sit down, do it again;-).



A "design-persona" - I pay 20-30 bucks more and get assets and symbols and the polygon-brush... inside AP+. You could even want the whole different-price: i would pay, IF i get a smaller and better to handle "all-in-one" - app.

Personas are ideal for "modul your own app". Even with looking for "publisher" and what else from you... Instead buying different apps with lot i do not need (i never need RAW/-persona, but i love liqify...)

However, i would prefer to buy the MAIN-SERIF-APP and the personas i need.( Assumed you do not blows up with double-libararys and double-checks.of BASE/Share-code... and nothing wastes unnecessary ressources in the background.....) A bridge might be a walkable way, but a simple handschake between personas could be much faster and smarter. 



And for the next ROUND of beta-testing: Import of all my shortys and  preferences and a fast switch back  for excluding this error-possibility because its beta).

( (creating a duplicate-folder - and other stuff  i can do by myself in record time and need it just once;-).



Except this: AP is a really COMPLETE, professional and made-with-love-for-detail-app! And thats for a very very fair price.

I´ll vote you  with 98,5% of 100%! 

And ti´m a very person who never give



OSX 10.13.5  / iMac Retina 27" / AMD Radeon R9 M380 / Metall: on! --- WWG1WGA WW!

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