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MOVING ENTIRE BRUSH CATEGORIES into a new brush category

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Hi, Have been playing with AFFINITY PHOTO (desktop) for several months now - really do love it, replaced 3 other programs I was using.  Am still learning but I could not find answer to my question in forum.

How can I move an entire BRUSH CATEGORY into another BRUSH CATEGORY?  I have tons of brushes imported and it's insane to scroll through to find one.  So I'm trying to move five categories of star brushes (which each have several individual brushes within each set) into a new category to hold them all.  The only instruction I can find is for moving each individual brush from one category into another category - and that will take forever! 

Can I not just move an entire category at once into another brush category?

And can I have subcategories within each brush category?  Like for STARS:  single, spray, galaxy, etc.

Thanks if anyone knows.  I realize I have a ton of brushes imported but I really do use and need them all. 

Grateful, Mandy

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