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    Save / Export Custom Brushes

    Hi there, Lee, you replied above that THE IPAD - VERSION does not have the option to export brushes or save/backup. My question is what about WINDOWS? I have A GOB :- ) of custom brushes imported into affinity. It's been a bear getting each one individually moved into A CATEGORY, but finally it is done. The prospect of LOSING THEM ALL is wicked. Is there a way to backup that file for the windows version? Or, can you tell me where imported brushes are stored within AFFINITY and I can add that file name to my WINDOWS FILE HISTORY BACKUPS? Also, second question - is there a limit as to how many brushes can be held in the BRUSH SECTION? I have a lot more not yet loaded into AFFINITY, but did not want to risk crashing the thing . . . Thanks so much for any help and hope everyone is having a lovely 2018 so far! Best, Mandy
  2. Thanks, ABC. At least I didn't miss something. Guess I have some busy work cut out for me the next few weeks . . . Thank you for your very prompt reply :- ).
  3. Hi, Have been playing with AFFINITY PHOTO (desktop) for several months now - really do love it, replaced 3 other programs I was using. Am still learning but I could not find answer to my question in forum. How can I move an entire BRUSH CATEGORY into another BRUSH CATEGORY? I have tons of brushes imported and it's insane to scroll through to find one. So I'm trying to move five categories of star brushes (which each have several individual brushes within each set) into a new category to hold them all. The only instruction I can find is for moving each individual brush from one category into another category - and that will take forever! Can I not just move an entire category at once into another brush category? And can I have subcategories within each brush category? Like for STARS: single, spray, galaxy, etc. Thanks if anyone knows. I realize I have a ton of brushes imported but I really do use and need them all. Grateful, Mandy
  4. OMG, Sima - thank you! Yes, it did exactly as you said it would do. I guess seeing the ribbon of multiple images all strung together threw me off - and then I kept trying to get the size slider to where it would only show ONE IMAGE in the pop up. But just as you said, even with 3 showing, only one hits the canvas. Is there a term for MORE THAN NEWBIE, lol?! In my old software, it just showed the brush as a single image so I kept trying to get to that. I did what you said, actually hit the page with the mid size (still showing multiple images on the brush tool) and - voila - so perfect. THANK YOU AGAIN for taking the time to help. Soooo grateful! Have a great day, Mandy
  5. Hi, New to Affinity. Have tons of .abr brushes I've been hoping to import. First try worked, but the brush - a fairy wing - comes in as one large swath - when I put it to max size, I see 3 wings versus the 100 all squished together that it comes in as. But when I used the brush in gimp it was just a simple single wing. I thought maybe these were older PS brushes, so I converted to a .png and loaded that as the brush. It did the same thing. Any ideas what I've done wrong? I cannot for the life of me find a setting that lets me see/use the brush as a single wing rather than this row of several repeated - but I have about 200 brushes to import, so I want to figure out how to do it right first. :- ) I've combed the forum but seems like I'm the only one doing something wrong like this, lol! I'm loving AFFINITY, but clearly missed something here.Screenshots below if they help. Thanks, if anyone can help.

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