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Different colour with the same numeric value??

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For some reason the color of the object is different when choosing 90% black from the gray palette vs setting it on the cmyk slider...

Am i missing something here??






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It is because the gray pallet lies to you.


It really is an RGB mix. Even though the CMYK slider will report a black only value, it is a mix.


If you move the black slider a skosh and move it back to the desired value, you'll see the object's color change to correctly display and output. 


I have reported this and squawked about it over and over. If a document is a print document and using CMYK, the gray pallet should be correct and it is not.


I made my own default palette using 100% swatches of C M Y K, and 5% increments of black.

My computer is a nothing-special Toshiba laptop with unremarkable specs running Windows 10 64-bit.

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Sorry for the late reply.

You are 100% right! Moved the slider a bit and the color was corrected. 


This is a problem for work that needs colour precision, but at least there is a work around.

And it seems to be a problem with the app and not of a specific user or circunstances.

It really should be addressed.


Cheers and thank you MikeW

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