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  1. Hi, I´ve installed version 1.6.4 today, and the usual steps to export a multipage pdf doesn't seem to work. Create a doc with multiple artboards Go to export persona Click export button of document slice (Slices tab) The result is one page with all artboards. Is there a workaround? Cheers, Pedro
  2. Thank you for the reply, Chris. I gather that's a change that was included in the "Assorted PDF export improvements". Cheers, Pedro
  3. For the record, I tested PDF export in designer export person, as described above and worked as expected: a multipage PDF. The same steps in designer 1.6.4 results in 1 page PDF with all the artboards in it. It may seem one small detail, but for those, like me, who use export persona as part of the work flow, we loose some of that work. Not much, I know, but it hints some lack of control on the updates. With that said, still my number one app. Cheers, Pedro
  4. Hi Walt, Indeed, your solution works great and I feel a bit silly for not trying it sooner. Thank you. Cheers, Pedro
  5. Exactly. I too presume this is a stable version. But now I don't know. Is it?
  6. Culprit found. For some reason objects with stroke return error. Applying expand stroke, solved the problem. I presume it´s a bug(?). Cheers, Pedro
  7. I have the same problem. If I delete all vectors and just keep the bitmaps, it´s all good, otherwise the same error message. The weird thing is, I'm able to export more complex files created on previous version of Affinity. I don´t know if rios sent you the file, but I can mail you mine. Cheers, Pedro
  8. Hi, I'm using AD mainly for webdesign, which works great. At the moment I'm on a print project and I've been struggling with export tools: slices sizes and position. I created a test business card and the slices don't match with the artboard. The resulting PDF shows white lines (TestCard.pdf), I assume, corresponding to the positioning and size error between slice and artboard. Based on an answer by MEB the position and size were done whole numbers (Capturar-1.PNG). But on Export Persona, size and position changes (Capturar-2.PNG). Surely there must be a way to avoid this... --- While writing this, it occurred to me that maybe the slices uses px as units and not mm, which means the conversion from mm to px, results in decimal numbers. Is this it??? If so, how to work around it? This is for an online digital printing service, so, no bleeding. --- Thanks, Pedro TestCard.pdf
  9. The quick fix for this was to increase the artboard 1mm width and height and center the slice in it. Still to answer, why the slice width field changes from 85mm to 84,9207 mm...
  10. Hi, For some reason the color of the object is different when choosing 90% black from the gray palette vs setting it on the cmyk slider... Am i missing something here?? Cheers! Pedro
  11. Sorry for the late reply. You are 100% right! Moved the slider a bit and the color was corrected. This is a problem for work that needs colour precision, but at least there is a work around. And it seems to be a problem with the app and not of a specific user or circunstances. It really should be addressed. Cheers and thank you MikeW
  12. Sure, I deleted the work but kept the 2 squares. If you need the original file, i can send it by email. Cheers! Pedro color_debug_af.afdesign
  13. Hi, Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I export multiple artboards into 1 single pdf file, it includes artboards with no slices. With the option "Make item visible in export" deactivated, got the same result. I temporarily deleted the artboards so I could export the ones I wanted. The preview thumb doesnt include the excluded pages, but when I click the bottom right export button, all artboards are exported. Am I missing something? Is it a bug? Cheers, Pedro Windows 10 Pro Affinity Designer
  14. Pdro

    Pattern Brush Packs

    This is great! Thank you, Stuart_R! Cheers! Pedro
  15. Same here. Created file With Affinity Designer and the resulting PDF show a white right margin.
  16. Hi, First off, really happy to have found your app. I ran into the same problem as Jonopen in my notebook - no thumb preview, but it works fine in my PC. The only difference is windows 10 home (not working) vs windows 10 pro (working). Configs are the same. Does this make any sense?? Cheers Pedro