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Merge two juxtaposing shapes after a divisions create a lots of inside points

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If you divide two overlapping shapes, you get three juxtaposing shapes (two shapes, and one other for the previous intersection).

When you merge these back into one shapes in Adobe Illustrator, the merging is clean.

But on Affinity designer, it creates a lot of points inside.


Is their a workaround for this ? Deleting this inside points manually take quite some time. :S

Of course, the problem is even greater if you merge more shapes.

Should I open a Feature Request ?

Thanks for your help !

Note : I'm testing trial of Affinity Designer, (Win 10 x64), I'm pretty new to it.

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Hey X-Raym,


You've ran into another known issue I'm afraid. This was logged against the release version so I've updated development to let them know it is still an issue in the most recent beta. Hopefully we can get some movement on this. Thank you :)

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@Chris BOh I just checked, my Windows 10 x64 Affinity Designer version (download yesterday) is v1.5.3.69.

On Apple Store, it is v 1.5.5 https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/affinity-designer/id824171161?mt=12

Maybe it is corrected for Mac but not for Windows ? As far as I understood, I should have a popup window at program start up when an update will be available.

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Windows is a bit behind the Mac versions for its release version but the beta's are much closer together. I think the aim one day is to get both Mac and Windows to share the same version number to make things easy.  Both versions should still display the bug you mentioned though. 

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