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I'm new to Affinity and there's a lot to like, however I'm on new IPad Pro and I'm getting a fair amount of freeze and lag when I'm working on a simple command like moving a layer?

Also a couple of the selection tools no longer do anything? The flood selection was working and I was just starting to get used to it and yet now it fails to respond to any number of taps or adjustments to tolerance? It does nothing .........also the colour sample tool below, now does nothing? Yes I have closed Affinity down and restarted it, no change? bit disappointed with this

its not a cheap app and without these selection tools it feels like stepping back in time to early photoshop? I hope I'm doing something really dumb and someone can indicate my error because I'd rather that than this anticipated purchase to become a laborious chore with unacceptable bugs of this kind?

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Hi pompeyroyal,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

There tools only work with Pixel layers. Check the label over the layers name (in smaller font size) in the Layer's Studio. You are probably trying to apply them to Image layers. These type of layers are created when you place an image in an existing document (using the Place command in Photo Persona) and are considered object layers. They retail all original image data/quality so you can resize/transform them without losing quality but they can't be edited at a pixel level directly. To do that you have to convert them to Pixel layers. To do this select the Image layer you want to convert in the Layers Studio and go to menu More in Photo Persona (the three dots on the top of the interface) then select Rasterise ▸ Rasterise. You should then be able to edit them as you see fit.

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