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  1. I am wondering if it is possible to have a gradient created on a photo where exposure adjustment is set as a gradient meaning I want the photos exposure to me full at the top( where the sky is) and gradually the sky that I am mixing tapers to the bottom part of the photo. Is this possible? A tutorial will be great to explain. Other alternative is I am trying to replace the sky with a "place photo" tool. I want the new sky layer to mix or become almost transparent where it meets my photos sky. How to do it please.
  2. Hi I noticed that saving photos to Photos app on my mac has gone very slow. Not sure if this is after v1.71 update but now when I share the photo to ADD Photos it take considerably long time. I was wondering if on Mac OS( latest now) is it possible to allocate more RAM so the process is made faster. Any thoughts around it to improve performance. My Mac is running on OS Mojave and has 16 GB RAM ( MacBook Pro 2015)
  3. Ajay

    Nik - HDR Efex 2

    Hi I too facing same issues with v1.7. I actually downloaded the paid version by DXO and installed it with v1.7. All other plugins works but HDR effects which is the most I use and would like the image to load. The plugin gets started but no image gets loaded in HDR. No such issues with other plugin hence questions comes to mind if it works for other plugins then what is different for HDR. Can Affinity photo team suggest solution please.
  4. I am a newbie and would like to know if AP can export the jpeg images directly to Photos app or Photo library. At the moment I can only see and export photos back to a folder under either Document folder on my MacBook Pro. Am I missing something to get the photos directly in Photos app please.
  5. Hi When I updated Mac to High sierra, the NIK Collection plugin shows the window to either Buy or demo stating you now only have 15 days remaining of free trail. Trust NIK collection is free, then why this window pops up. When I click on demo and the plugin say HDR effects, the image does not load up. When I click on Buy, it takes me to a web page but says Opps the link is broken and cannot reach to to the page you are looking for. How to resolve this issue and get NIK collection working in Affinity on a Mac running on High Sierra plz.
  6. Ok got it Save image function is on far right og f the pop up window which I obviously missed it.Thanks for your support MEB andGerry
  7. HiCan anyone explain how I can save edited images from AP to Camera roll or photos on my iPad. I do not want to know about iCloud plz. Thanks
  8. Yes have used the same button and thereafter a new window opens of which screenshot is attached but there is no option of Photos folder of Apple.
  9. Thanks but there is no option to add image to Photos. It can only save to Keynote. See below. Is there anyway to a dad Photos destination to the list plz
  10. Hi Can anyone advice how I can save edited photos back to photos on Mac. I mean photos app . I want to save the photo after editing to back to album form where I fetched it. Thanks for helping out.
  11. HiThe free macro pack offered on Mac and Windows version, is it not offered on IPad? or am I missing something to download it. If offered then please advice how to download
  12. Same problem here for email but I could see the welcome screen through the help dropdown
  13. Hi I am adding the photos to Affinity photo by clicking on Import Photos option as it takes me to Apple photo apps albums. also on IPad I do not get option to edit in Affinity photo. How to add such an option
  14. Thanks MEB, I have checked that aspect as well. Have tried with ADD and also with new. Just nothing happens. I am able to select content with brush though
  15. Hi when i I save the photo after editing in AP on IPad the photo gets saved to camera roll. But I want to save the photo back to the album from where I fetched it. The option to add the newly edited photo which is now in camera roll to the original album is not possible as all albums are treated out. I had to create another new album to save. how to get the edited photo back to where it belonged.
  16. I also face similar problem with flood selection tool and I ensured I had restricted layer but tool will not work

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