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  1. I absolutely love the affinity suite and affinity designer has become an essential tool for my work. The pixel persona frustrates me though as it lacks the affinity photo features I want most. It would only make sense that affinity designer and affinity photo should have the studio link feature working between them so I can grab some affinity photo specific tools like the flood select to quickly do things without having to jump between the two apps constantly. I hope this is something that can be achieved in a near-future update.
  2. I can’t open this resource on Affinity Designer for iPad. Any suggestions?
  3. Yeah duet is a rubbish experience. I cannot wait until affinity designer comes out on iPad! I’m also keen for affinity publisher. It would be awesome if affinity publisher comes to iPad too. Having all three affinity apps on all platforms would be amazing!! (But I understand that publisher would be a more desktop oriented application) Just please hurry up with designer for iPad!!!
  4. @MEB thanks so much, this has helped me out heaps. It seems to me that I have to select a specific image layer and then select ‘rasterise’ from persona context menu. Otherwise nothing will be rasterised or every layer will be rasterised. I’m often still a bit confused as to the inconsistency in behaviour that a lot of the tools and functions seem to exhibit. But I suppose it’s just that I don’t yet have a solid understanding of the processes.
  5. Hi I am trying to remove the white background from an image with plain black text. I have tried everything in the selection persona and nothing does anything. It’s frustrating because it seems like it should be something simple and obvious. Any help would be appreciated. ( I have to say I’m having a rather unpleasant time trying to get my head around the UI in the iPad version. I love the desktop version but the iPad version is not exactly beginner friendly. I am using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. ) thanks, Jeremy
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