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Re-using aspect ratios (and px sizes) for export in multiple documents

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I have a lot of photos form a shooting. I am now editing them and finally want to export sections (details) of the images for use in a webshop and on facebook. So I need to export a square image, and one in the h:w ratio that facebook requires.

Obviously, I want to define the location and size of the slices for each photo individually (because I need to decide on the detail I want to show), but all the slices should have the same aspect ratio (and export pixel size) for all photos. I thought the export persona is great for this, but it appears quite clumsy to 1) create a slice in exactly 476x714px, then 2) scale the slice frame to fit my desired detail, then to 3) define the export width as actually 714w so that the exported image results as 476x714px.

I thought there must be smarter way to do this for each photo. Can't I create some kind of template that has a 476 : 714 aspect ration slice associated with a 714w export?

I noticed a menu called "create template for export settings" (translated from german), but it is grayed out.

How would you tackle this?

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1) You can create a custom slice and use the Transform Panel to set the the slice to exactly 476px x 714px

2) The Shift key can be used to constrain the slice when resizing

3) If you expand the slice in the Slices Panel you can enter 714w to set the width of the export - This video should help (it also explains how to create an export template ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYs2Ncu8iGg




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Thank you, Leigh,
this is exactly what I did, and it is feasable (I actually like the export persona, it is really a nice tool).
But this workflow has a few drawbacks:

  • Since the export presets do not include the aspect ratio of the slice, I need to enter them manually in each file
  • The 714w parameter works well in theory, but in practice there seem to rouding errors, so that some of the exported files end up to be 714x475 instead of 714x476. I need to explicitly specify 714w,476h — this seems to work. :-)

So, I am longing for copy&paste-ing a slice, like I copy&paste a rectangle. That would be very handy and easy, I think! :-)

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Much easier to just make a document 714 x 476 with a blank rectangle.





Click on the Insert Inside button 


Go File > Place  and load the image


You don't need to do that every time. Double click on the image and you get a Replace Image button on the Context Toolbar.. Click on that and the filer opens for the next image.



Size and crop each image (You can see the image bounding box). Then export each one,




They will all be output the same size/aspect ratio.



Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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toltec, thanks – this is a great workfrow! Also like the fact that I automatically get a nice preview of the cropped image while positioning it.

Thank you very much, works nicely!

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