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Hello, good morning.

I have bought Affinity for Windows because I have Windows on my computer at home.

But i will buy a Mac soon, is there an option to download Affinity for Mac also, if I already have a product code?


If not it's really a shame that I have to pay for a Windows version, and pay also for a Mac version.






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Hi Danzonne,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

You will have to buy a license for Mac as well. The program is quite accessible and each platform requires its own dev resources which must be covered in some way.

They are also sold through different stores: the Mac App Store is controlled by Apple so we have no info regarding who buys there, while the Affinity Store is managed by us.

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I love the software so much that I have bought both apps on my mac and pc, but I agree that now when Affinity Publisher app is coming soon, there should be one single place to update and buy all the apps. I understand that the software was just available through Apple app store in the beginning. But since this is now becoming a full suite of design tools, it would make sense to get everything from your own site and only with one license. 

something like the creative cloud app would be great for updates n such :) This would probably make it easier to allow syncing of assets as well :D  :7_sweat_smile:

The Bearded Bird

Tor Vegard

Graphic design • UI / UX • Branding • Logo Design 

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